Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista in your life

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list that always seems to look totally put together no matter how hectic her life is at the time? Is she always the first to catch wind of the next big trend or the one that everyone goes to first for style advice? If so, the chances are pretty good that the process of shopping for her at holiday time might be a bit intimidating.

Naturally, you want to get her something that will send her over the moon. However, you don’t want to get her anything too basic or out of step with her personal fashion philosophy. If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to take a closer look at some gift-buying strategies and suggestions that will help you take the guesswork out of the equation.

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If your fashion-forward friend is like most women, she most likely loves shoes. To her, shoes are not just footwear. They’re important items that can absolutely make or break an outfit. She most likely already has an expansive footwear collection to her credit. If that sounds like her, she’ll be thrilled to find any one of the following items waiting for her underneath her holiday tree.

Snowflake bullet pointStylish Seasonal Booties

Wedge-booties-icon-in-black-style-isolated-on-white-background.-Shoes-symbol-stock-vector-illustrationBooties are cool weather must-haves, so it’s simply not possible to have too many. Plus, this season has found some truly wow-worthy styles hitting the scene. Just check out this gorgeous option in petroleum black. They are attractive enough to do justice to even the trendiest looks. However, they are also comfortable enough to wear to work or out to the mall for a long day of window shopping.

You also can’t go wrong with a pick like the Rosa from Earth Origins. Thoughtful touches like a beautiful folded leather cascade lend this bootie an attractive vintage feel that can’t help but inspire when it comes to possible looks it could go with. And, did we mention the upper is completely vegan? If your favorite fashionista is as well, she’ll definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Snowflake bullet pointIndispensable Duck Boots

If the fashion maven you’re buying for lives someplace that sees a lot of rain, snow, or slush during the fall and winter, then she’s probably always on the lookout for fashionable, trendy ways to keep her feet warm and dry. If that’s the case, then she needs a pair of duck boots in her life. Duck boots are the footwear option to own this season.

Get her something like the Winter Fancy by Sorel. It will go perfectly with her late season outerwear look. Best of all, it will do a fantastic job of protecting her feet thanks to its waterproof oiled suede uppers, insulated rubber soles, and super cozy fleece lining.

Snowflake bullet pointTotally Wearable Clogs

shoesClogs are also making some pretty sizeable waves when it comes to the footwear scene this season. However, these aren’t your grandmother’s clogs we’re talking about. This year’s styles are all about gorgeous designs, eye-catching accents, and lots of variety. They don’t just look amazing, either. Clogs are also super comfortable and look terrific with everything from skinny jeans, to long skirts, to leggings.

Treat the fashion plate in your life to a pick like the Peggy by BOC. She’ll love the visual appeal of the detailing on the upper. She’ll also appreciate the way these clogs feature substantial arch support that lends itself well to all-day wear.



Not every fashion lover is what you’d call an indoor girl. Some love nothing more than a day spent hiking, beachcombing, or just seeing where their wanderlust takes them. However, such girls don’t just need gear they can really trust to get the job done. They want options that look and feel good as well. If that sounds like someone on your holiday gift list, she’ll be sure to love any one of the following ideas.

Snowflake bullet pointBackpacks

Every outdoorsy girl needs a backpack or two she can trust when she’s out there exploring. Give her an option like the Women’s Vault from North Face. The Vault is capable of keeping all her essentials safely stowed away in style no matter where her wanderings take her.

The FlexVent suspension system will make for a comfortable ergonomic carrying experience that she’ll really appreciate, especially if she loves nothing more than long backpacking trips. Multiple pockets and compartments make it easy to organize and store a wealth of other items as well – everything from a laptop, to water bottles, to her favorite lip gloss.

Best of all, the Vault delivers all this in a package that’s attractive and very streamlined. She’ll love everything about it, and then some.

Snowflake bullet pointHunter Wellingtons

Umbrella and a pair of yellow wellington bootsWhen you’re all about the outdoors, your cold weather travels will no doubt take you into some soggy territory sooner or later. That’s exactly why Hunter Wellington style boots are considered absolute must-haves. These boots were originally designed to help the likes of soldiers, fishermen, and farmers handle the wet, muddy conditions that came as part of the job. However, modern fashionistas consider them to be the “it” boot when it comes to everything from festival season to all-weather hikes with friends.

That said, your fashionable friend will love an option like this beautiful UGG Shaye in blue jay. She’ll not only be perfectly in step with one of the hottest fashion trends to come along in a while, but she’ll love the way they take the guesswork out of walking around the grounds of her favorite music festival.

Snowflake bullet pointShoe Care Items

Stylish people also tend to have a practical side. After all, they spend good money to look as good as they do! This is doubly the case when it comes to their shoe collection.

Help your stylish friend take care of her prized collection of boots, booties, and designer shoes with a stocking stuffed with premium shoe care staples. Include a variety of leather care options, including polish, conditioner, and moisture repellent. Shoe or boot trees are also excellent options, as are organizer racks. Last, but definitely not least, include a really nice suede brush and a variety of different replacement laces. She won’t be able to thank you enough!


When it comes to our fashion-conscious friends, most of us know at least one gal who seems to spot the next big thing long before anyone else. You can most certainly count on her to have at least one wardrobe piece representative of each major trend. That said, you can’t go wrong by giving her something super trendy and in step with all the latest looks. The following are all musts that you can bet are on every fashionista’s wish list.

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Snowflake bullet pointPonchos

We’re all familiar with cold weather staples like jackets and coats. The same goes for sweaters, hoodies, and cardigans. However, ponchos are the cozy staple that’s really on every style lover’s radar this season. Surprise your chic friend with an option she’s sure to love this holiday.

This season’s hottest ponchos feature bold southwestern inspired patterns in pretty, desert-like shades like turquoise, cobalt, fawn, and sienna. (This lovely option from Flying Tomato is a great example.) Beautiful bright shades that really catch the eye are also very hot right now. Consider a fringed option in a brilliant color like fuchsia, azure, or canary.

Snowflake bullet pointScarves

For the Trendsetter in your lifeYou know those fantastic layered looks your fashion-forward friend puts together this time of year – the ones that make her look oh-so put together in a way that seems effortless? The key to pulling looks like that together is an extensive collection of scarves, so your stylish recipient will certainly appreciate the opportunity to add to her repertoire.

This year, playful plaids are the order of the day in the scarf department. Pick out a few in her favorite shades to inspire her next parade of fantastic outfits. Pearl stitch scarves are also all the rage this season. Try one that’s equal parts pretty and cozy – like this gorgeous red option from North Face.

Snowflake bullet pointPatterned Socks

Are you on a strict budget but still want to give the fashionista in your life something she can’t do without? In search of just the right stocking stuffer to go alongside a larger gift? Look no further than this season’s influx of beautifully patterned socks. They’re not just great for keeping feet toasty warm no matter what kind of weather the season may bring; they’re also essential when it comes to creating some of this season’s hottest layered looks.

Try selecting several pairs of socks of varying lengths so that your recipient can easily mix and match as she pleases. She’ll love the way your picks look layered one on top of the other, especially when paired with leggings and a killer pair of leather booties. Stripes, paisley, florals, and various solids are all fantastic choices to consider.

Snowflake bullet pointKimonos

No, we’re not talking about traditional Japanese dresses. Today’s kimonos are versatile vest-like garments that add flair, fun, and style to a wide variety of different outfits. You can also bet that they’re something the most stylish ladies on your gift list really want to receive this year.

Consider picking out some fringed options in luscious colors like cobalt, jade, carnation, or butter. (This offering from Umgee is a fantastic example.) They’ll look wonderful as part of a layered look or when worn with one of this season’s bohemian-inspired pieces.



Some of the most stylish people don’t necessarily fit comfortably into existing boxes. They march to the beat of their own drummer and prefer starting trends, as opposed to following along with what’s already popular. However, that hardly means they can’t appreciate the right contemporary piece, especially if it’s one of the following.

Snowflake bullet pointGraphic Tees

Fashion-conscious ladies who have a style all their own are often expressive types that love to work their values, views, or philosophy of life into their look. Graphic tees are the perfect way to tell the world a little bit about yourself without appearing to have thought too much about it first. There’s literally a tee out there for every personality, so take your time choosing exactly the right one.

Snowflake bullet pointBohemian Fashion

When you think of iconic looks that are synonymous with concepts like individuality, free-spiritedness, and creativity, you probably immediately picture bohemian style. Well, bohemian fashion just so happens to be back in a big way. Treat the unique fashion lover in your life to some key items that will go perfectly with her lust for life and her wild imagination.

Tunic-style tops featuring psychedelic patterns are totally in right now, to name just one example. This pretty dress from Angie is definitely on trend. Pick a key piece you’re sure your recipient will love and pair it with a few choice accessories like chokers or woven handbags to complement it to perfection.

At the end of the day, buying a style-conscious gift for that special someone in your life isn’t impossible. However, it does require a little forethought as well as some know-how when it comes to current trends. The above options are simply a jumping-off point to use as inspiration. Feel free to browse the rest of our seasonal collection as well for even more fantastic items even the most serious fashionista is guaranteed to love!