By:  Tiffini Taylor

Accessorizing is the best compliment to give you a finished look. When accessorizing, do not over do it. When most people think of accessories its jewelry. It isn’t only jewelry, accessorizing includes hosiery, colored tights, purses, bags, and hats.  In the past few years colored tights have come back into fashion with a bang, purses are from big too little, bags have become everything from backpacks to weekender totes, and hats are even popular again. Wearing lady like gloves have even become a popular accessorize again. The process of accessorizing an outfit is a great way to boost your confidence and make your personality shine. There is a way to accessorize to help accent your entire outfit including your shoes. At there are plenty of items to choose to accessorize your best outfits.

When you get ready for an event or special occasion, how you accessorize can say a lot about who you are. If you over accessorize you, some people may feel like you have a cluttered look, this is not a big problem to change, this is an easy fix.  Before you go out the door take one piece of jewelry off, you may have heard this before, but it is very true and helps to edit an over accessorized outfit. Another way to fix an over accessorized outfit is to edit it early, before you need to get dressed, take time a little before and try the outfit on , then study yourself in the mirror and began to edit your look. Once this editing is accomplished take the outfit off and put it all together as a finished look, this way you will save the time by having the outfit together and makes getting ready for that  special event easier. Always edit an outfit from head to toe.

Finding the right outfit is not difficult; finding the right shoe for that particular outfit is not difficult.  This is a great time in fashion to find great shoes in many colors. This is also a great time in fashion to find the perfect pair of black or brown shoe that is basic for everyday. The best way to accessorize any outfit is with a wonderful pair of shoes. A beautiful pair of black or brown ankle boot paired with colored tights, a jean skirt and a checkered blouse and a solid cardigan is a great, fashionable outfit for autumn.  For an evening look, no lady can go wrong with a little black dress. This year change up your look with a colorful shoe or try fishnets with your little black dress. Never pair fishnets and colorful shoes, unless it is a costume for a play or musical,  if both are paired together , it can be an awful fashion mistake.

Another great way to accessorize is finding the right purse or bag. For students, there are great and colorful backpacks to choose from. Backpack brands to look for include Jansport and Bagallini. Purse brands that are great with different outfits include, Anuschka Abstract, Ameribag and Bagallini. The most important accessory to remember is to be you. Keep it simple and have fun!

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