Why Sperry Boots Need to Be Part of Your Fall Wardrobe

Boots have become a conventional fashion staple for men, women and children. This fall, designers are mixing function — such as the ability to handle rainy or snowy weather — with style when it comes to attire for your feet. This season is the perfect time to find a pair of Sperry boots for every member of your family.

closeup duck boots


Women love to look chic and on trend, even when being functional. Whether it is a snow-resistant ankle wedge or a classic tall rainboot, women have several options in this fall’s boot world. Some would argue cuteness is more important than functionality, but with Sperry boots, women’s wardrobes don’t have to make that sacrifice.


Men, on the other hand, want to look masculine in their chinos and jeans when wearing boots. Sperry boots give you both comfort and style. Their men’s duck boots come in tan and black amaretto colors that look great when paired with shop attire. They also feature waterproof seam-sealed construction that helps to keep your feet dry when you’re working outdoors in the wet weather.


Children want a boot that is comfortable and easy to put on. Fortunately, kids’ Sperry duck boots are up to the task. Like the company’s offerings for adults, these duck boots come with all-weather protection to keep your little one’s feet clean and dry.

Great for Outdoor Fall Activities

Sperry boots are not only stylish, but they are also great for outdoor fall activities such as apple picking, jumping in the leaves, hunting or taking a trip to the corn maze or pumpkin patch. With school starting in the fall, a boot that is great for indoor coziness in the classroom while also being suitable for outdoor recess is a necessity. 

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Sperry duck boots are also great while boating, beaching, traveling, working and even dating. The Sperry duck boot is not only stylish with an umbrella and shorts but is also very practical for commuting in the rain and for splashing through puddles and wet sidewalks.

People are caught unprepared in rainy situations all the time, so Sperry boots should be a staple in all closets. Whether you are playing backyard football or doing yard work, Sperry boots are great for numerous outdoor fall activities.

Staying On-Trend

When transitioning from summer to fall and from fall to winter, choosing the right shoes for any outfit can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Because Sperry boots never go out of style, they are easy to pair with any outfit choice.

Ageless and Timeless Styles

Ripped jeans, leggings, chunky sweaters and khakis are all options that look timeless with Sperry boots. From lightweight casual leather or rawhide wedges to fashionable boots designed to keep you warm, you can never run out of trendy possibilities with Sperry.

Flannel is always an in look for fall. An oversized flannel, cozy scarf and skinnies are perfect to pair with a Sperry wedge.

If you are a shoe collector and find it difficult to part with your shoes, Sperry boots are a great selection for you as they last for years and are timeless. They can be an ageless and essential part of your wardrobe that you can adapt to any emerging trend or style.

Ready for Any Weather

Regardless of the weather, you can still look great in a pair of cold- or wet-weather Sperry boots while being prepared for subzero nights, breezy days or persistent rain. A little bad weather does not have to keep you from being in style. Rain and snow boots do not have to be ugly to keep your socks from getting wet. Sperry boots are tastefully versatile, stylish, comfortable and very practical.

Strong Yet Comfortable Materials

Sperry has boots with rubber shells and rubber outsoles that work in both wet and dry circumstances. There are ankle boots for light rain and mid- and tall-height boots for rougher rain conditions.

Sperry also has a Thinsulate lining option for the end of fall when the weather becomes chilly. This type of insulation keeps you warm by trapping body heat while letting dampness escape. While these boots are strong enough to survive the elements, they keep their fashionista status using wool and other eye-catching and comfortable materials. Sperry also prides itself in using an anti-slip outsole, allowing traction on ice and snow. 

duck bean boots in snow


Sperry boots don’t just work well in the damper, cooler environment of fall. As the season changes into winter, you’ll find they’re also comfortable to wear in the snow. There are many different styles and colors, making them perfect for the cool fall weather, snowy winter weather and even the wet spring weather. Whether you prefer earth tones, tans or black accents, Sperry has tons of chic options for every style.