The Enduring Legacy of Clarks Footwear: Style and Luxury Combined

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If you’re at all familiar with comfort footwear, then the chances are excellent that you’re already familiar with the Clarks brand. The Clarks name has been practically synonymous with amazing shoes for many years. That said, it’s not hard to see why it’s also one of the most widely trusted brands in the industry today.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the amazing legacy of Clarks footwear. We’ll examine the fascinating history behind the brand’s development, as well as discuss the many advantages of making Clarks a part of your own lifestyle as well.

A Look at the Clarks Story

The story behind the iconic Clarks brand started nearly two centuries ago in 1825. That’s when two English brothers by the name of James and Cyrus Clark decided to make a historic pair of shoes—the very first pair that would eventually foster a long line of enduring footwear options. The shoes were said to have been slippers cobbled together from bits and scraps of sheepskin.

Today we’re used to this type of footwear, but, at the time, the Clark brothers definitely showed innovation and creativity in creating their designs. That enduring combination of spirit, craftsmanship, and delightful invention is, to this day, present at the heart of everything they produce.

Each pair of shoes still starts with the same process, just like they did many years ago. Each pair is created using the most innovative techniques, the finest materials money can buy, and the latest technology when it comes to shoemaking. Most importantly, all this attention to detail really shows in the quality you will experience from the moment you don on a pair of Clark footwear.

Clarks shoe

The Benefits of Wearing Clarks

Since the earliest days of the brand, the innovators behind the Clarks name have sought to think outside the box and do things differently. They’ve definitely succeeded in a big way. The following are just a few of the advantages you will enjoy when you make Clarks footwear your brand of choice.

Knowledge-Based Innovation

The team behind each of the company’s best ideas do a lot more than just stay in step with the latest technologies. They’ve spent extensive time studying what keeps the foot and spine healthy. They’ve used their research to come up with revolutionary ideas for cutting-edge technologies, transitioning those ideas into practice. In other words, Clarks Footwear is dedicated to their craft.

Unbeatable Comfort

There are comfortable shoes, and then there are Clarks. They are truly exceptional options to support you in every endeavor. On the whole, their catalog includes multiple technologies designed to make life easier and more pleasant, no matter the activity at hand. Examples of their stunning design include the following highlights.

Cushion Plus: Dual density cushioning, designed specifically to reduce strain on the ball of the foot, support an ideal natural gait.

Unstructured: Technology built around a “less is more” philosophy when it comes to comfort is a distinct feature of their shoes. The Unstructured line contains a minimal inside seaming, ultra-light materials, and superior breathability.

Ortholite: These shoes feature a unique open-cell structure and high-performance footbed that breaks the mold when it comes to moisture wicking, cushioning and breathability.

Superior Durability

Clarks may be more expensive than some alternatives out there, but they’re also a sound investment. Clarks shoes are designed to last through years of wear, due to high-level craftsmanship, the best materials, and unbeatable construction! Many shoes in the Clarks footwear catalog are also climate resistant and weatherproof—capable of standing up to even the toughest conditions.

Ultimate Variety

Attractive, comfortable, long-lasting Clarks shoes come in every shape and size you can imagine. Their catalog includes shoes for men, women, and children. Shop every style, from boots and booties to summer-friendly sandals and highly wearable clogs like the Patty Tayna. Choose from options that are just right for every activity under the sun, whether it is a picnic in the park or a long day at work.

With Clarks Footwear, you’ll find a shoe that’s just right for any lifestyle, look, or preference, shoes, offering a great experience for anyone. Upgrade and experience the difference for yourself today!