Everything You Need for a Rainy Day

Essential Gear for Rainy Days

The alarm rings, and you grumpily hit snooze. Time to start your day, but you’re not ready to leave the warm comfort of your bed just yet. Finally, as you push yourself up and look out the window, you discover gray clouds showering your day with rain.

Those mornings aren’t always the most pleasant, but making sure you’re dressed for the weather can help your day run a lot smoother. And we’re not just talking about throwing on a poncho before leaving the house. Including essential, yet fashionable, rain gear for your wardrobe will help make every day like a warm, sun-shiny day in Florida.

The Trench Coat

This rainy day staple provides a classic look for men and women. Not only will the length protect you and your outfit from the harsh elements, but it will also elongate the figure. While trench coats come in a variety of styles and materials, not all can withstand the rain. The classic trench coat is double breasted. People with smaller frames can opt for single-breasted coats so as not to appear swallowed by the fabric.

Most trench coats impermeable to water are made from either wool gabardine or treated cotton. Wool gabardine is a densely woven material that is lightweight (more or less) and provides insulation. The cotton trench coats are much lighter; however, they must be treated or woven with water resistant materials and fibers.

Any material besides these will result in your outfit getting soaked by the downpour. And, of course, the longer the coat, the more protected you will be. Color-wise, neutrals provide a classic and sophisticated style, while boldly colored wool coats have also become trendy.


No matter the occasion (unless it’s a wedding), pants are always recommended for a gray, rainy day. Without a proper jacket or pair of shoes, a good pair of pants will always save the day. No pant material can repel water unless you’re big on coated nylon trousers. However, depending on your day, pretty much any other pant material will do. Thicker materials like denim, corduroy, and khaki become very heavy once wet. A lighter material, like knit, will dry faster.

Rain Boots

The Rain Boot

Wearing the rain boot casually is a common trend in cities with lots of rainfall. These rubber boots have evolved from your playground yellow booties to designer shoes with comfy insoles.

Great for women and men, rain boots have become a stylish and versatile clothing item necessary for all your spring showers.

The unique style of the rain boots allows them to stand on their own with any outfit. Slip these on to get to work, and pack away your leather shoes for when you arrive at the office. The best part is that, since gaining mainstream popularity in recent years, the boots now come in a variety of colors and shapes. Anyone can find the right boots for their unique style. These shoes are also great for protection from mud and snow.

Duck Boots

Umbrellas vs. Hats

No matter the kind of hair and how many products it is treated with, ‘do’s will turn into humidity frizz monsters in the rain. Here’s where head protection becomes key. Umbrellas are a rainy day staple, yet choosing the right one is a feat many of us have yet to win.

Generally, there are two types: collapsible and non-collapsible. The non-collapsible have larger canopies and, in turn, provide a larger area of protection. Meanwhile, the collapsible are meant to be compact and, therefore, have smaller canopies that provide less protection.

The sweet spot in between depends on the user and his or her needs. If it only drizzles here and there, a compact collapsible umbrella would be the better way to go. The best alternative is this wind-powered air umbrella being developed with an adjustable canopy.  

Hats, also, offer a fair amount of protection from the rain with style. Hats can also hide any unwanted frizz caused by the humidity. A wider brim, made from a dense wool material, offers more protection all around and is water resistant.

The Bubble Jacket

Once the horror of middle school on a rainy day, the bubble jacket has made a comeback in recent years. Usually made from water resistant material, like vinyl, the bubble jacket offers insulated protection for your upper body.

This diverse garment is great for men and women, either glam or sporty. The jackets are made with turtlenecks for hoods and offer extra protection for the neck and head. The higher quality insulation, like down, is warmer and better for colder weather with lots of wind.


Shoes and Boots for the Holidays


Fall and winter are finally here and it’s time to shop for the perfect seasonal shoes for all of your holiday events. As the cold weather approaches, warm and comfy shoes start making their appearance in our wardrobes and the flip flops and open toe shoes are making their way into our closets.  Fall is the best time to start transitioning into our favorite chilly weather shoes like boots or those oh so comfy fur lined slippers.  If your looking for the perfect boot to add to your wardrobe this year, Houser Shoes is a great place to start your search.  Houser Shoes has a huge selection of women’s boots this season.

Maybe your looking for cowboy boots, equestrian style boots or some comfy boots to keep your feet warm; whatever style boot your shopping for can be found at Houser Shoes.  If your interested in western style boots, Corral has many different styles and colors to choose from. The L5070 by Corral is a fun and versatile brown boot that can go with almost any outfit.  If your looking for a stylish black cowboy boot, try Corral’s A1192.  This western style boot has beautiful intricate stitching and crystals that make the shoe a great choice for a dressier look, but it can also be worn as a casual boot that looks good with jeans or leggings.  If your in the market for some comfy and warm boots or a new pair of slippers, check out UGG brand shoes.  UGG’s Classic boot is always a good choice for a cute, casual, comfy and warm boot. The Classic tall UGG in navy is an ideal boot to wear with denim or colorful skinny jeans. UGG also offers a variety of fur lined slippers which are another good choice for Fall and Winter shoes. UGG’s Ansley slipper is a versatile slipper that can be worn with jeans or around the house with your favorite pair of pj’s.

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Snow Boots: For Function, Fashion and Fun!


Most of us usually love shopping for Fall and Winter boots, but shopping for a pair of boots for inclement weather isn’t quite as fun.  There are a lot of functional–not fashionable – options for snow boots on the shoe market today, but finding a pair with function and fashion can be discouraging and many times we just give up and get the same boring clunky, furry pair that have been around forever and so many people have.  Be different this winter and purchase a pair of snow boots that have style and keep your feet warm and dry on those blistery winter days.

Houser Shoes has a great selection of functional and fashionable women’s winter boots. The North Face Women’s Micro Baffle Shiny Black boot or the Frye Boots and the Micro Baffle Moonlight are super cute boots that are cozy, comfortable and fashionable.  Dansko’s Cynthia black and brown boots, or the women’s Orellen Chestnut boot by UGG  and Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Boots are also cute stylish boots that protect your feet from the snow and cold weather that comes every winter.  This year don’t settle on the typical boring snow boot.  Instead, buy a pair of winter weather boots that are not only functional, but are fashionable, fun and comfortable as well.

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Fall is a season of change, from warm weather clothing and footwear to cold weather clothing and footwear. The changing of the weather is an event that can be wonderful for anyone’s closet. It brings new colors into any wardrobe and can even be a discovering of new, exciting items into one’s world. This is all done by changing a wardrobe. On the fashion runways all over the world this fall season there have been many jewel tones, a winter white, dark browns and blacks. One color that is coming into the lime light is a bit of a surprise. It is the color grey. Grey is the newest, hottest and late blooming color of this fall/winter season. It is a great color choice to add to any wardrobe.

Grey is a new neutral color that can be worn with other colorful items in one’s wardrobe and can make any outfit a new favorite. When finding shoes, one should think of the colors in the outfit and what occasion the outfit will be worn for. Grey is a color that is close to black and can be incorporated into any wardrobe easily. Try a lovely little a-line skirt, checkered blouse paired with a grey ankle boot. This is a great business casual outfit for your work. It is an outfit that can go from work to play also. Another lovely way to incorporate the color grey into one’s wardrobe is with an UGG boot. UGG Australia bailey button grey will pair fantastically with jeans along with a cardigan and camisole set. Grey is the newest color to set your soul on fire with style.

Many other colors are coming to the forefront this fall season other than the color grey. Jewel tone colors, such as plum an orange is hitting the right mark in fashion right now. Teal is another color that is coming into fashion. Jewel tones such as these have been on the comeback for a while in fashion. With the beautiful holidays coming, this is a great time to add to one’s wardrobe a great jewel tone color. For any fall holiday party, choose a great little black dress and pair with a jewel tone colored shoe. Metallic’s are a great shoe to choose for many popular holiday occasions, but try a jewel tone color , such as Easy Street Claire cranberry, for a more fun style to one’s outfit.

No matter what new colors you choose to add to your wardrobe, always have in your mind why you want to get something new, and how you will use this item within your wardrobe. This will make choosing the right shoe fashion easier on you. Shoes are a fun way to bring in color and to update a wardrobe. Finding your personality in a pair of shoes can be a great experience and can boost your confidence when wearing different outfits. Houser Shoes offers a large selection and many styles and colors to meet your fashion needs. Personality can shine through your shoes. After all, shoes protect the soles of your feet! Happy Fall!