Clark’s of England

By:  Tiffini Taylor

Houser Shoes has many quality shoe brands to choose from. To know what a good shoe is, it is to be knowledgeable of that particular brand of shoe. When looking for a good quality shoe, one must be realistic about what one is looking for in a shoe. One may look for comfort, quality, durability, or practicality when choosing a shoe. One may look for a certain style or even a certain look and color when choosing a shoe. Many brands offer a wide variety of styles of shoes, knowing about what shoe fits one’s need will help in choosing the best brand for one’s needs.

Clark’s of England has been in the shoe industry for a little over two-hundred years. Clark’s of England began in 1825 by two brothers in Somerset, England. The company came to the North American shores in 1977 with huge demands for the shoes.  Clark’s of England is a shoe brand known for its comfort, durability, and quality. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has proven over and over again that quality can last for years to come. The shoe industry is always changing with different styles each season. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has lasted through all season’s style changes. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has built its name on quality and durability. Houser Shoes recognizes the quality and durability in Clark’s of England brand of shoes.

Houser Shoes has Clark’s of England brand shoes from casual to dress styles to choose from. If you need an everyday shoe to run errands in or if you need a dress shoe to where to work every day, Clark’s of England brand will have a shoe to choose from for these needs.  So many styles to choose from the brand at Houser Shoes you are sure to find the perfect pair. The season is autumn and the leaves are changing colors, it is the weather to take long walks and enjoy all its beauty. A pair of Clark’s of England Women’s Desert oak suede, paired with your favorite jeans and a checkered blouse and go enjoy all that autumn has to offer.  For men, try Clark’s of England Men’s Armada Spanish tan, your favorite khakis and a nice striped button up shirt for a casual day out. Night time can be a time to spend with your loved one, have a nice romantic date. Pull out your little black dress and match with a pair of Clark’s of England Women’s Ingalis Thames ankle boots , you will be stylish and ready for a night out on the town.

Whichever style of Clark’s of England brand shoe you choose, you will find a quality shoe. Comfortable, durable and quality is what has made Clark’s of England a must have brand for any wardrobe throughout the year. Enjoy knowing that you will be in style and have a great, long-lasting, quality brand of shoe. Shop knowing that at Houser Shoes you can find wonderful styles and quality brands like Clark’s of England.

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