4 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Woman covering face with scarfBy now, we’re well into winter and, baby, it sure is cold outside! It goes without saying that we’re all looking for ways to stay warm and cozy while we’re out and about. However, we naturally want to look our very best and most stylish as well. This season’s beautiful and luxurious scarves fit the bill perfectly. They’re wonderfully elegant ways not only to stay warm, but to add style and flair to all your winter outfits. Continue reading

Military or Motorcycle…Let the Boot Battle Begin


Let the Boot Battle Begin!

Military-combat styles are heel-less boots that are more fitted around your foot and can be worn with laces tied up or laces untied.  Laces up gives that popular punk style look, while laces untied leaves you with that disheveled grunge look.

Motorcycle (biker) boots, on the other hand, are less fitted around the ankle,  usually don’t have laces and often come adorned with zippers, studs or buckles. Biker boots have a more tamed look than the combat style boots, but they too give you that desired punk grunge look that’s popular for the Fall-Winter 2014 seasons.

Maybe you feel like military boots one day and motorcycle boots the next.  You can’t go wrong with either choice.  Both style shoes are a part of the Fall and Winter fashion trends and both look fantastic with skinny jeans, leggins, skirts and dresses. Check out all our boot and shoe styles at Houser Shoes!