Fall Fashion Spotlight: Sneak Peek at Boot Season

Ankle Boots for Fall

This fall, textures in shoes like leather, suede, and reptile patterns dominate the top designer collections all over the runways. By adding structural elements like buckles, laces, and sculptured heels, there is nothing boring about footwear this season.

Here is a look at the hottest trends this year for the boot season.

The Most Popular Boot Lengths

The Mid-Calf Boot

One of the absolute top trends this year is the mid-calf boot. It’s the right length if you’re looking for something higher than an ankle boot but not as high as a knee-length.

A popular style among designers, this is probably the most versatile boot size that you can adapt to a number of different occasions. You can wear them seamlessly with skinny jeans for a casual weekend look, or pair them with an above-the-knee dress for the office.

Ankle Boots

The Ankle Boot

This year, most of the collections showed their version of the ankle boot. Mixing textures and patterns, with stilettos or chunky heels, plain or decorated, ankle boots are quickly becoming the hit sensation of the season.

To stay up-to-date with the trends this year, match the neutral color of your ankle boots to what you’re wearing for a classic look, like the Soda Women’s Agenda Platform model. To push the limits a bit further, choose a model with dual textures and tones, too.

The Knee-Length Boot

In general, knee-length boots hit the runways in all their colorful, ruffled, sculptured glory this season. In real life, there is no need to be so theatrical. There are other ways to get the attention.

With the comfort of doubling as an extra layer in the colder months, the knee-length boot is a staple item. Usually, it’s said that this type of boot fits taller women best, but they can be used by women of all shapes and sizes. Simply learn how to dress for your body type and height.

The Off-the-Runway Looks and Styles

The Return of the Western Look

Western-style boots are not a thing of the past yet, and they’re making a comeback this season. Although they were seen all over the runways with some variations, the Ariat Women’s Heritage Brown model remains a classic comfortable option and just as stylish with the thick heels, the familiar stitching, and the pointy toe.

Trendy Masculine Looks

The Trendy Masculine Look

Although a mini-trend in shoes, this androgynous style is going to be a top trend in clothing this season. In footwear, this style really pops in laced-up boots, with rounded pointy toes, and a thicker sole, combining the masculine with the feminine.  It’s a style you can easily dress down from office attire to casual weekend.

Boots with Buckles

Large or small, buckles on footwear are a top trend for the Fall of 2016. The metallic element, in tones of gold or silver, was used by designers to add structure and detail to boots in all lengths.

Check this trend available in our store: the Earth Origins Women’s Paula Low Boot model adds balance with the modern touch of the trendy buckles.

The Laced-Up Models

Feminine and chic, laced-up boots are here to stay as an overall fall trend in 2016. These boots are all about feminine grace and versatility, especially if you choose an ankle length model. It transitions from office wear to night out seamlessly, without compromising on elegance.

Chunky Heels

The Heels

This season’s trend in heels has them coming in three versions: chunky, wooden, and square. They are surprisingly feminine and, really, a tribute to women who are not as much into vertiginous high heels. It seems that this season’s motto is more about being inclusive of all preferences, showing plenty of stylish options for all, rather than plain trend-setting.

Although these three types of heels on all kinds of shoes might not appeal to every woman, they work very well in boots.

The Must-Have Textures and Patterns

Classic Leather
When it comes to textures and patterns, leather is the top shoe trend of the 2016 Fall. Designers love it, and so do we. Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes, leather boots remain a season classic and a must-have.

Feminine Suede
Suede boots are a favorite this season, mostly in the laced-up models. The colors of choice have been, usually, classic and timeless beige and camel. This texture adds a soft and feminine touch, especially if you use them with a masculine look.

Reptile Print
Since this season prints and textures seem to be in the spotlight, reptile prints don’t seem like a style choice bolder than usual.

Snake and lizard are the reptile skins of choice, with a close-to-natural look or just some added color with dark and rich tones.


Game Day Looks – Are You Ready for College Football?

Looks for Game Day - Houser Shoes

Bring on the tailgating, junk talking, and touchdown scoring fall football season. You won’t find many people who won’t tune in for a little pigskin action. Whether you are a college student or reliving your old college days, you know how important college football season is.

If you plan to hit up some tailgating, football parties, or game day celebrations, you need to make sure your outfits complement the upbeat atmosphere of the festivities. Every football fan knows that dressing the part is just as important as for whom you are rooting. Make sure everyone knows you are the top football fan by dressing in your school colors. Remember to keep your look classy, and be smart about your footwear.

Tailgates and football games call for casual and versatile ensembles. Comfort is the priority  when deciding what to wear. Your outfit should look put together, but also allow you to participate in a few games of cornhole at the tailgate. Mix your personal style with some school spirit for the perfect college football spectator outfit.    

Incorporate Your School Colors

Show off your killer fashion by dressing the part in school colors. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to realize that wearing your old jersey and sporting your school colors is the ultimate in football fandom. Wear some great athletic shoes like Converses in your school colors, and you will be rocking that college student look.

Layer It On

Many of the season’s games will go into the colder months, which means wearing heavier gear to the games. Fall weather is fickle, and a cold front can move in quickly. If you find yourself needing a cold weather outfit, you can easily accomplish this with multiple layers. Layer an oversized sweater with a long-sleeved tee, and pair them with jeans and great athletic shoes. Accessorize the outfit with an infinity scarf and a knitted beanie in your team colors. This will help keep you warm during all the game day festivities, and the layers can be removed if the temperature rises.

Add a Touch of Class

Multiple layers are only part of what you need to ensure that you stay warm and cozy during football season. For colder days, you can bundle up in your favorite pair of jeans, basic long  sleeve tee, and a nice quilted vest or jacket for that preppy look. To incorporate your school spirit, you can add a knit hat or scarf.

fall footwear for football season

Bring on the Cowgirls

It is not always cold, depending on the time of year and location of the game. As soon as fall semester starts, college football games kick off soon after.

One of the most popular looks for women on game day includes the cutesy, short dress paired with a good looking set of cowboy boots. Pick out your favorite sundress – extra points if the dress is in your school colors – and slip on your boots for the perfect game day look. This is the ideal style for tailgating before the game, rooting for your team, and celebrating your win afterward, all while you remain fashionable in your chic look. 

Football Tailgating

Combine Your Leggings and Heels

If you want a more casual look that remains well put-together, you can always stick to leggings and a tunic or pair leggings with a school jersey. Leggings are the ultimate staple for any college student closet. This outfit works great with a pair of booties and oversized sunglasses to offset the basic look.

Stick to the Flannel

If you plan on being the chef during the tailgate, you don’t want to don your best outfit. Instead, slip on a basic tee with a flannel shirt over it. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, and you are ready to become a grill master. You can even wear a comedic looking apron to protect your clothing and to add to the spirit of the tailgate. This outfit can be worn with flip flops or sneakers, depending on your preference. When the game is about to start, throw on your sunglasses and a team ball cap to join in the fun.

Final Thoughts

The key to dressing for college football is to show off your school spirit while remaining comfortable. Game festivities can last all day, so wear something appropriate for the weather conditions and that you feel good in while displaying your support for your team. Remember to keep it casual and comfortable.

Wear clothes you can sit in for the duration of the game, wear shoes you can do a lot of walking in, and don’t forget to layer your outfit when the temperature drops.

Shoes and Boots for the Holidays


Fall and winter are finally here and it’s time to shop for the perfect seasonal shoes for all of your holiday events. As the cold weather approaches, warm and comfy shoes start making their appearance in our wardrobes and the flip flops and open toe shoes are making their way into our closets.  Fall is the best time to start transitioning into our favorite chilly weather shoes like boots or those oh so comfy fur lined slippers.  If your looking for the perfect boot to add to your wardrobe this year, Houser Shoes is a great place to start your search.  Houser Shoes has a huge selection of women’s boots this season.

Maybe your looking for cowboy boots, equestrian style boots or some comfy boots to keep your feet warm; whatever style boot your shopping for can be found at Houser Shoes.  If your interested in western style boots, Corral has many different styles and colors to choose from. The L5070 by Corral is a fun and versatile brown boot that can go with almost any outfit.  If your looking for a stylish black cowboy boot, try Corral’s A1192.  This western style boot has beautiful intricate stitching and crystals that make the shoe a great choice for a dressier look, but it can also be worn as a casual boot that looks good with jeans or leggings.  If your in the market for some comfy and warm boots or a new pair of slippers, check out UGG brand shoes.  UGG’s Classic boot is always a good choice for a cute, casual, comfy and warm boot. The Classic tall UGG in navy is an ideal boot to wear with denim or colorful skinny jeans. UGG also offers a variety of fur lined slippers which are another good choice for Fall and Winter shoes. UGG’s Ansley slipper is a versatile slipper that can be worn with jeans or around the house with your favorite pair of pj’s.

Check out Houser Shoes today to find whatever style of shoe your looking for this holiday season!


These Boots Are Made For Rockin!!

     Cowboy boots are never a passing trend and they will be in the spotlight again this Fall and Winter.  Every girl wants to find that perfect vintage looking cowboy boot and Houser Shoes is here to help.  There are several brands that stand out in the world of western style boots like Corral, Ariat, and Old West . Each of these brands have fully embraced the distressed leather look and worn-in style of vintage boots.  They also make themselves unique in their look by adding detailed embroidery, decorative studs and splashes of fun colors like turquoise, red, green,orange and more. These boots come in square toe, pointed snip toes, wing tip, knee high and calf high styles.  The different colors and styles of cowboy boots make them versatile and you can throw them on with anything. They are perfect with jeans, leggins, skirts, shorts and dresses.

Houser Shoes carries a variety of western style  discounted boots offering brands like: Corral, Ariat, Taos, Old West, Coconuts and Circle G by Corral.  Check out housershoes.com to get your new cowboy boots today.

Boots! Boots! Boots

Houser Shoes - Women's Boots

2013 Boots in Fashion

Boots, boots and more boots! This Autumn’s hottest fashion is boots.  Boots are on everyone’s fashion list this season. Many styles, colors, and kinds to choose from, Houser Shoes is the place to find the perfect pair. When you are trying to figure out how to bring your Fall wardrobe into fashion, it is simple, a great pair of boots is the way to go.  Many of us want to buy that one major fashion trend each season, the boot is the greatest item to buy this Autumn season. Reason #1 to choose the boot:  it will carry over into the Winter season;  reason  #2 to choose the boot:  it will go with everything if chosen wisely;  and reason #3 to choose the boot:  you can use them next year and so on. There are many styles of boots this season including:  cowboy boots,  biker style boots, ankle boots, mid-calf boots, thigh-high boot, knee boots,  dress and casual boots.

The ankle boot is a fashion trend that is carried over from the Spring and Summer. The ankle boot is a great choice because of its versatility- it can be a casual or dress boot. The ankle boot has no limitations on colors or styles. There are red , black, blue, brown, white, pink, orange colors of ankle boots and the ankle boots can be round-toed, pointed-toe, or even open-toed this Autumn.  Brands to look for are:   French Kiss, Franco Sarto, Georgia Men’s, Clark’s of England, Timberland, Dr. Marten’s , and Wolverine.  Find an ankle boot that fits your lifestyle and personality.

The mid-calf, knee-high, thigh-high boot is a versatile choice that can fit into any lifestyle and into any wardrobe.  The mid-calf and knee-high boot is the best option in this category as far as a great functional stylish boot.  While the thigh-high boot is best with for a special occasion boot. Many styles with high or low heels, even wedge heels are  popular this Autumn season. Different colors will bring a coolness to any wardrobe, and can be an adventurous choice for many wardrobes.  Many brands are offered with many styles and colors to choose from. Some brands are:  Life Stride, Frye, Stride Rite, UGG  Australia, Muck, Clark’s of England, Chooze, Dr. Marten’s, Minnetonka, Born,  Arturo Chiang, Bare Traps, Pierre Dumas, and  Franco Sarto.  Pick suede or leather and let your personal style shine.

Cowboy boots is on every fashion shopping list this Autumn. The fashion popularity of the cowboy boot has been seen on many runways and even popular television shows. Cowboy boots are not just for the old west anymore!  There are many colors and styles to choose from this Fall from many top quality brands like,  Laredo, Justin , Old West Boots, Ariat, Dan Post, Corral Boot, and  Irish Setter.  So, saddle up with a pair of cowboy boots this Fall.

The biker style boot has come around and has lasted as a very popular fashion style over this past few years. It proves that the biker style boot is not just for outlaws anymore. A great way to wear a biker boot is your favorite pair of jeans, a nice, simple t-shirt and a light, little leather jacket. Some brands to look for in the biker style boot are: Life Stride, Born, Cobb Hill, Muck, and Frye. Biker boots can be a great fashion statement with a long skirt and cardigan set too!

When looking for the perfect boot for your Autumn wardrobe , look for your personal style in the boot itself. Everyone’s style  is different and that is what is so wonderful about this planet. Choose the boots that fit your style and your needs.  Have fun and enjoy Autumn!