Spring Break Sandals for Adventurers: Chaco, Teva and Keen

closeup man sandals

It’s that time of year again! Spring break is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start planning your seasonal wardrobe. Your choice in footwear is especially important.

Of course, you want to look good while you’re posing for selfies on the beach or enjoying the first music festivals of the season. However, you also want options that are hardy, practical and capable of going the distance with you as well.

That’s where this season’s most exciting options in rough and rugged sandals for spring break adventures come in. Here, we’ll take a closer look at three of our favorite brands, each well-known for designing sandals that strike a perfect balance between rugged stability and stylish comfort. Live your best life this spring in footwear from Chaco, Teva and Keen!

The Casual Appeal of Chaco

If spring break seems incomplete to you without a fair share of music festivals, art fairs and impromptu nature walks, you definitely need a pair of Chacos in your life. In fact, you’ve probably already seen fashionable people wearing Chacos in an array of colors and styles at outdoor events! Here’s a few reasons why they are so popular.

  • Chacos are weatherproof, waterproof and sturdy enough to hold up to full-scale adventures in the great outdoors. They’re favorites among hikers, kayakers, backpackers and outdoor adventurers for that very reason.
  • They’re adjustable and ergonomically designed to support your feet and keep them comfortable all-day long.
  • They’re considered fashion staples among nature lovers and adventurers everywhere, so you’ll be perfectly in style no, matter where the spring season takes you.

New to Chaco and want to make sure your first pair is a great representative of what the brand offers? Check out the ZX/2 Classic. Whether you’re looking for a sandal with a stylish look to wear to a bonfire on the beach or a hiking sandal that will keep your feet cool while you’re out on the trail, it’s a perfect match!

floral thong Get Rugged with Teva

Teva sandals aren’t just any outdoor footwear made with truly adventurous spirits in mind. They were first created by a river guide who not only saw a need for a particular type of sandal, but they made it their mission to create it. Today, Teva remains a top name in performance warm-weather footwear that’s as fashionable as it is functional.

  • Teva sandals come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors so there’s definitely something for everyone in their ever-expanding catalog.
  • Tevas are seriously tough, so they’re ideal for adventures that really need footwear you can depend on. Think tough EVA midsoles, lightweight construction and a strapping system that keeps your sandals firmly in place at all times!
  • Tevas are incredibly economical considering the quality level, so they’re a great choice even for adventurers with tight budgets this spring.

Flip-flop wedge sandals are expected to be one of the hottest footwear looks at festivals everywhere this spring and summer. Check out the comfortable and versatile Mush Mandalyn Wedge 2, which might become your favorite footwear this season.

black sandal isolated Push the Limits with Keen

Are you the type of person who really gets serious about being outdoors once the temperature starts to rise in the spring? Have you already started planning camping trips, hiking excursions or outdoor adventures for the warm weather ahead? If so, you’ll definitely want to be wearing a pair of Keens when you seize the day.

  • Keen doesn’t make just any outdoor sandal. They’re made specifically for people who are serious about living an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart under pressure.
  • Keen shoes come in an amazing array of colors, patterns and styles. From open-design flats, to classic hiking sandals, to strappy bohemian options, there’s definitely the perfect pair of Keen shoes for you.
  • Keen isn’t just known for its incredible outdoor sandal line. They also make amazing hiking boots, work shoes and all-weather options so you can trust Keen shoes to deliver all year long.

Want a stellar pair of Keens that’s sure to turn heads both on and off the hiking trail? Try the Zephyr Criss Cross CNX on for size. Part sandal and part stylish flat, it’s just as ideal for spending the day in the city as it is on your favorite hiking trail. Try them for yourself today and find your perfect match!