Rieker Shoes: Dress with No Stress

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Rieker knows there is a lot to consider when buying the right pair of shoes. Size, color and fit are all significant, but arguably the most critical components of a good shoe are style and comfort. Rieker has been making high-quality shoes with exactly that in mind for nearly 150 years. With this kind of vision and experience, Rieker dedicates itself to bringing you the best shoes on the market.

Rieker first opened their doors in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874. From the very start, Rieker shoes gained recognition for their longevity, style and comfort — a combination that is often hard to find. Their designs speak to both men and women and accommodate a wide range of lifestyles. Now with representation in over 70 countries, Rieker has proven its quality craftsmanship and dedication to excellent footwear.

The Rieker Difference

At Rieker, they take comfort to the next level. They design each shoe to enhance the qualities that make a great fit. They’re lighter, roomier, more flexible and more shock absorbent than other brand on the market. In fact, Rieker lives by an “anti-stress” philosophy, which ensures you’ll spend the day maintaining a feeling of well-being.

While many of the anti-stress components of Rieker shoes are invisible to the naked eye, the ability to take every step in comfort gives this philosophy its due credit. Rieker has taken the time to understand the complex nature of our feet and has analyzed what a proper shoe can do for us. Conversely, choosing footwear that is harmful to a foot’s well-being can lead to serious and painful problems. Rieker shoes take care of your feet.

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Because Rieker specializes in durability and resilience, making a great boot comes naturally. Using only the finest materials, such as wool, leather and fleece, women’s Rieker boots last through even the most hostile weather conditions. Plus, the different styles are genuinely unique, ranging from practical and discrete to funky and fierce.


Although similar to their boots, Rieker booties have a fashion all their own. Booties are just as strong as the typical boot, but they’re cut just above the ankle for a more stylish look. This type of shoe is great in any season and can easily be dressed up or down. Perusing this footwear, you’ll notice the eye-catching patterns unique to the Rieker brand. Only Rieker merges practicality and panache in a way that makes these booties so fun to wear.

The Daisy

Perhaps one of the company’s most unique and popular designs, the women’s Rieker Daisy is sure to please. Every step in this shoe is at the height of comfort, featuring soft leather and cushioned soles. The unique colors and patterns make this shoe especially distinctive and give them the ability to match many different types of clothing. However, the greatest appeal of this shoe is the ease with which you can slip them on and off. This effortless style is hard to beat.


Your average sandal, while convenient, is often not very practical for anything more than a trip to the beach. The experts at Rieker believe all shoes should be highly functional, even the casual sandal. The creative designs Rieker injects into their sandals give women plenty of options to help this shoe meet their style and comfort needs. The cushioned footbeds and soft textile lining mean they’re meant for much more than a stroll in the sand, either on or away from the beach.

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No matter what style is right for you, Rieker shoes all have one thing in common: their anti-stress design. The last thing a shoe should do is add more stress to your life. In fact, Rieker believes your shoes should relieve it. All Rieker footwear allows for the natural movement of the foot and lends support in all the right places.

Their smart-sole technology is meant to spread pressure over the entire surface of the shoe, instead of allowing it to localize in the heel or balls of your feet. Similarly, Rieker construction includes a unique component of extra space, allowing room for your feet to expand throughout the day. Although these enhancements are subtle, you will feel the difference.

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Rieker shoes have withstood the test of time. For five generations, this original anti-stress footwear has brought both comfort and style to men and women around the world. You should never have to choose between practicality and elegance when selecting a pair of shoes, and with Rieker, you never will. Whether your lifestyle demands durable, long-lasting strength or chic, timeless charm, remember that Rieker anti-stress shoes for sale offer you a fantastic balance of everything you’re looking for from your footwear.