Mayari, Arizona or Gizeh: Which Birkenstocks Are Your Favorite?

tan birkenstock sandal

When it comes to essential footwear options for summer, it doesn’t get more iconic than a pair of Birkenstocks. Not only has the brand been around for years, but they only continue to grow in popularity. It’s not hard to see why either. Birkenstocks not only have a wonderfully distinctive look to them, but they’re actually supportive for your feet.

In other words, making Birkenstock your footwear brand of choice all summer long is a no-brainer. Deciding which of Birkenstock’s legendary sandal styles you should add to your growing collection next — that’s the tough part. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Birkenstock such a reputable brand, as well as compare three of the most popular styles – the Mayari, the Arizona and the Gizeh.

A Look at the Birkenstock Difference

While many trendy footwear labels come and go, there are a few that stand the test of time. Birkenstock is, without a doubt, the latter. The following are just a few of the most important reasons why this brand continues to endure today.

  • Birkenstocks aren’t just comfortable. They are supportive for your feet, thanks to trademark features like molded footbeds and podiatrist-approved designs.
  • Birkenstocks really last over time. In fact, it’s not unheard of for a pair of Birks to last for a decade or more. Talk about value!
  • You know you’re dealing with an exceptional brand when it’s been around for so long, and Birkenstock has been a top name in the footwear business for two centuries and counting.
  • Birks are nothing if not versatile. You can wear a pair with just about anything, from jeans to shorts to sundresses. They’re also great choices for whatever you have on your itinerary for the day.

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Birkenstock Arizona

When most people picture a classic Birkenstock sandal, they picture the Arizona and with good reason. The Arizona’s functional two-strap design helps keep the sandal in place, so it’s a great fit for anything from a casual afternoon hike to a trip to the mall. It’s also a versatile style that goes well with any look. The Arizona looks just as much at home when paired with a bohemian summer dress or a mini-skirt as it does a pair of shorts or jeans.

Like all Birkenstocks, the Arizona really delivers in the comfort department as well with features like a roomy toe box, a deep heel cup and unbeatable arch support. The Arizona also features Birkenstock’s own ultra-durable Birkibuc uppers for that lived-in, velvety suede look and feel.

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Birkenstock Mayari

If you love the durability and utility of Birkenstocks but want something a little more unique than the Arizona, you might want to give the Mayari a second look. The Mayari features the same reliable support and comfort you’ve come to expect from any Birkenstock shoe but with a couple of small adjustments that make it a little more sophisticated than average. It features an elegant cross strap to hold the sandal in place, as well as a very trendy toe loop to round out the look.

Make the Mayari your Birk of choice if you favor a more exotic look to your footwear. The Mayari looks amazing when paired with more stylish daytime looks. It’s also second to none for occasions like music festivals, art fairs and carefree days spent at the beach.

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Birkenstock Gizeh

Last but definitely not least, we have the Gizeh, a perfect middle ground between the utility of the Arizona and the sophistication factor of the Mayari. We even feel comfortable describing it as an updated take on the thong sandals, so many of us couldn’t imagine summer without a pair. In other words, if you’ve been looking for a suitable upgrade to those dime store flip-flops, look no further than the Gizeh.

Standout features of this style include Birkibuc uppers for that textured, lived-in feel and full adjustability for a perfect fit every single time. You also get the same incredible comfort perks you’d expect to get with any Birk: wide toe boxes, flexible EVA soles and comfortable molded footbeds. The Gizeh is a chic and stylish option as well. Slip into a pair today and see which style of Birkenstocks will become your new summer staple!