Holiday Wish List for College Co-Eds: Best Boots from Sperry to North Face

Sperry boot

It’s official! We’ve made it to the point in the year when it’s not just a little nippy out, but downright cold in many parts of the United States. If you haven’t yet seen your first major snowfall or big storm of the season, it’s definitely right around the corner. That said, it pays to be prepared, especially when you’re a college co-ed without the option to simply avoid the worst of the weather.

Make sure your feet are cozy, comfortable, and stylish all winter long with some of the footwear world’s best, most sought-after winter boots. The following are just a few favorites we personally won’t be caught without. Which ones make the cut for you?

Sperry Winter Boots

Sperry is known the world over for its expansive collection of iconic boat shoes for men, women, and children. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that nautical footwear is all this timeless brand is about, though. Sperry’s catalog is also home to some of the most fashionable, reliable winter boots available anywhere.

Think options like the tough but attractive women’s Saltwater quilted boot! It’s a duck boot, so it fits right in with the hottest college footwear trends. However, thoughtful touches like diamond quilting and a selection of fascinating colors ensure that it’s also very much its own thing. Not into duck boots or just looking for something different? You’ll be happy to know Sperry also offers rain boots, fashion wedge boots, and more.

Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

Can any college co-ed’s wardrobe really be considered complete without at least one or two pairs of Uggs? Ugg boots are classics for quite a few really good reasons. To begin with, Ugg pretty much wrote the book on cozy. People have described the wear experience as being “just like walking on clouds” and “like wrapping your feet in kittens,” thanks to the boots’ plush fleece linings and comfortable footbeds. Plus, Uggs have a tendency to last year after year, not to mention stay in style.

Your favorite pair of Uggs may not be the best bet for truly daunting blizzards or storms. However, they’re perfect for keeping your feet toasty and comfortable as you dash from one end of campus to another or put in an all-nighter at the library. You also can’t go wrong with Uggs from a fashion standpoint, thanks to their classic good looks.

Sorel Boots

Looking for a winter boot that seriously doesn’t mess around when it comes to putting bitter winter weather in its place? You’ll definitely want to make sure Sorel boots like the women’s Joan of Arctic are on your radar. They’re quite literally made to keep you dry, warm, and safe under even the bitterest, worst possible winter conditions, so they’ll definitely get you from class to class in one piece.

Most winter boots in the Sorel catalog—the Joan of Arctic included—are completely waterproof and weatherproof, so there’s no need to wonder whether they can survive the nasty sleet that hits your area come January. Additional features like vulcanized rubber shells, faux fur cuffs, and attractive leather uppers make Sorel boots as good-looking as they are practical.

North Face Boots

North Face Boots

If this winter will see you handling college in the face of exceptionally bitter weather for the first time, then North Face is definitely another name to know when it comes to cold-weather boots. It’s known for really pushing the limits when it comes to what you can expect from your footwear, so its boots are fantastic fits for anything that might be on your agenda this season, whether that’s a full class schedule or an impromptu weekend trip to the mountains with friends.

It’s also worth noting that North Face doesn’t just know its way around a truly noteworthy all-weather boot. Check out its entire catalog for the very best in tri-climate coats, leather gloves, woolen beanies, and much more. There are all-weather sneakers, shoes, and additional footwear options to consider as well.

As you can see, making it through your winter semester in one piece may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The right cold-weather boots are the key to staying warm, dry, and comfortable all season long. Save your energy for your studies!