Here Comes the Rain Again: Stylish Rain Boots from Sperry and Hunter

woman walking puddle boots

Whether you secretly love rainy spring weather or are counting the days until summer gets here, appropriate footwear is a must this time of year, and that means rain boots. Don’t make the mistake of thinking rain boots have to be boring or unfashionable in order to be effective though. Some of this season’s hottest rain boots are as stylish as they are effective at keeping your feet warm and dry.

In fact, two particularly iconic brands really have our attention this season–Hunter and Sperry–and we think they deserve to be on your radar for spring as well. Both of them strike an amazing balance between form and function with their beloved boots. Let’s highlight some of the benefits of choosing these time-honored brands this season.

pair bright yellow galoshes

The Iconic Rain Boots of Hunter

Hunter has been a leader in rainy day footwear since 1856. These days, Hunter rain boots aren’t just practical; they’re popular and stylish enough to have been spotted on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. They’ve shown up on the feet of multiple celebrities all over the world as they travel the globe and attend outdoor music festivals. The following are just a few reasons to consider adding a pair of Hunter boots to your wardrobe.

Gorgeous Colors

Although there’s lots to love about springtime, grey and gloomy weather doesn’t typically top the list for many people. Hunter boots inject a little much-needed cheer into even the darkest days with options that are as stylish and colorful as they are practical. Our personal favorite is their classic yellow short gloss boots, but their red, green and blue wellington-style boots are also popular. Feel free to add several pairs to your personal collection!

Great Construction

If you’ve ever been caught in the rain in footwear that wasn’t made to seal out water, you already know how important solid, reliable manufacturing is in a rain boot. All of the rain boots in the Hunter line are fully waterproof, exquisitely lined and handcrafted to last. There’s a reason why so many celebrities opt to wear Hunter wellington boots to muddy music festivals. Offering quality that has stood the test of time, these boots are as stylish as they are reliable.

brown leather cloth boot

The Distinguished Appeal of Sperry

Hunter isn’t the only top footwear brand with a reputation for great style. Sperry shoes have been favorites of the Ivy League set for the past 75 years, thanks to the brand’s commitment to quality and integrity. Even President John F. Kennedy wore footwear options like top-siders that helped Sperry become a famous brand!

American Icon Status

You don’t have to be a Ivy League co-ed to look like a million dollars in a pair of Sperry duck boots like the popular Saltwater Wedge Tide. These American-made duck boots are becoming increasingly popular not only in the U.S.A. but all over the world. That said, if you’re looking for functional rain boots that will definitely give you style points, you owe it to yourself to add at least one pair of Sperry duck boot to your wardrobe this season.

All-Weather Functionality

Waterproof, weatherproof rain boots from Sperry aren’t just great footwear options when there’s a little rain expected in the forecast. Options like duck boots wrote the book on being all-weather capable, so they do a lot more than stand up to a little moisture. They can also handle spring weather challenges, like mud, sleet, snow and slush. Many models feature ultra-warm linings made of materials like fleece that will keep your feet toasty and warm until the last of the winter chill makes its exit as well.

As you can see, you don’t have to choose between looking stylish and enjoying reliable protection from even the worst spring weather. With brands like Hunter and Sperry in your corner, there’s truly nothing to fear. Feel free to stomp through the puddles with absolute confidence this season!