Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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Looks like it’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s officially time to start thinking about how we’re going to make it special for our own irreplaceable moms. Naturally, the perfect gift should be unique, stylish, useful and economical enough to fit into even a tight budget. The following options are just a few possibilities to consider. Which ones have your attention?

1.      Pretty Ponchos

Spring weather is nothing if not fickle, so choosing the right outerwear can be challenging. You might still need to cover up, but you still want to feel the fresh, spring breeze on your face. This spring and summer, lightweight ponchos are definitely the way to go.

This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a beautifully unique option like this Seven Wonders kimono wrap from Simply Noelle. It’s just the right weight for building a perfect layered look, enjoying the sunset on the porch or covering up in style by the pool this season.

insulated lunch tote

2.      Insulated Lunch Tote

Whether your mom is a hard-working career woman, a dedicated nature lover who loves to hit the trails or even just a person who’s always on the go, she definitely needs a simple, reliable way to keep healthy food close at hand. Take the guesswork out of the process when you present her with a pretty insulated lunch tote this Mother’s Day.

Elegantly feminine options like this pink and black striped doggy bag from Scout combine the utility of a classic lunch box with the fashion cred of a trendy handbag. It’s just what Mom needs to make sure she’s never without her favorite healthy wraps, raw veggie selections or post-workout treats.

3.      Insulated Drinkware

Does your mom love organizing family picnics that include plenty of her signature cocktails or home-made lemonade? If so, consider treating her to her very own insulated drinkware.

Top brands like Corkcicle and Orca offer a wide selection of next-level options that keep any drink cold for 9 hours or more. Many are incredibly elegant as well, which is perfect for stylish moms! Insulated drinkware is great for keeping cocoa, tea or hot toddies warm in the wintertime as well!

brown moccasin

4.      Cozy Slippers

Slippers are always great gifts. Even if your mom already has a pair, the chances are pretty good that they could be updated to something more luxurious.

Consider spoiling your mother this Mother’s Day with a gorgeous pair of slippers like the Dakota from UGG. UGGs are known the world over for keeping you super cozy, no matter the temperature. Think comfy molded bottoms, buttery suede uppers and fleece lining that will have your mom feeling like she’s walking on clouds.

5.      Phone Wallet

People traditionally only think of wallets as ideal gifts for dads, but we totally think that should change. Does your mom sometimes get tired of carrying a big purse or handbag around everywhere she goes? Have you ever heard her wish out loud that more women’s clothing came with pockets so she could travel lighter? Help her streamline her life a little when you present her with a stylish phone wallet for Mother’s Day.

Phone wallets are just like standard phone cases to help protect your precious cell phone from drops, dings and mishaps. However, they also come complete with additional RFID-safe pockets–perfect for keeping her license, a credit card and a little cash close at hand. Get her one with a cross-body strap and she can ditch the handbag altogether if she likes!