Enduring Style: How to Wear Leopard Print


Leopard print is something that never truly goes out of style, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a dose of distinctive flair to absolutely any outfit. It can definitely stop traffic and turns heads. However, like most daring looks, leopard print can be tough to pull off successfully.

Thankfully, wearing leopard and other animal prints is a fine art that can be mastered with enough know-how and practice. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe in a way that’s classic and chic. Which idea will you be taking for a spin first?

1. When in doubt, pair it with black.

Like most potentially intimidating patterns, it’s really easy to wind up with too much of a good thing when it comes to leopard print. However, pairing leopard with black is a great way to ground it and embellish a bold look.

Pair a pretty leopard print statement top or tee with sleek black slacks or skinny jeans for a gorgeous weekend ensemble. Wear a silky leopard camisole with a black pencil skirt, a chic black blazer, and no-nonsense pumps for a fantastic office look. Dark neutral browns like cocoa or coffee work well, too.

2. Balance your leopard with neutral accessories.

Are you longing to step out in a leopard print dress but scared of looking dated? Forgo the skin-tight dress and reach for something soft and flowing instead. Then break up your leopard by pairing it with neutral-toned accessories.

Cinch your waist with one of this season’s stylish leather belts in basic black or neutral brown. Top your look with a matching leather jacket and pull on a pretty pair of leather booties. You’ll look (and feel) like a million dollars, guaranteed.


3. Understand that a little leopard goes a long way.

If you’re new to leopard print and looking for a way to rock it that’s as subtle as it is stylish, this is the technique for you. Treat your leopard print like an understated accessory instead of the focal point of your ensemble. It’s a great way to direct attention exactly where you want it.

Do you want to accentuate your waistline? Draw attention to it by pairing a narrow leopard belt with a little black dress. Want to lead people’s gaze to your face? Try a stylish pair of leopard-framed sunglasses or tie on a gauzy leopard scarf.

4. Reach for a leopard print bag or clutch.

When you think of the type of handbag that goes with just about anything, a leopard option might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it really should be. Consider the fact that your standard leopard print is really three neutral shades – black, white, and khaki – working together as one. That means it has the potential to go well with just about anything when it’s on a handbag. Try it and see for yourself!

Pair your leopard bag with any neutral monochrome ensemble and watch how it makes it pop. Reach for a leopard clutch as the perfect way to add oomph to an understated pastel palette. Make leopard your new secret formula for making any outfit look sleek, stylish, and put together.


5. Add leopard to a menswear-inspired look.

Leopard isn’t just a print that’s inherently sexy. It’s also incredibly feminine, pairing wonderfully with boyfriend shirts, sporty looks, and menswear-inspired outfits. Add a leopard shoe to a sharply tailored suit for a head-turning punch of visual appeal, and you’ll see exactly what we mean. The Lucky Women’s Eadda puts the finishing touch on any outfit.

Leopard flats, sandals, or pumps are also fantastic ways to dial up the aggressive girl appeal of just about any outfit. Remember, balance is the key to success, here. Use leopard footwear as a way to take anything, from casual weekend wear to your go-to athletic look, from “ho-hum” to “wow” in an instant.

As you can see, learning how to positively rock leopard print and make it your own is far from impossible. It just requires a little understanding as to how to use it and know-how as to what makes it a winner. Start experimenting today! You just may find your new go-to signature look.

Three ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are the hottest shoes of the season. They’re perfect to wear with just about any outfit day or night. The trend is now being styled with skirts, dresses, jeans, oversized sweaters and casual shorts. If you’re unsure how to wear OTK boots here are a few tips:

1. Casual Dress & Boots
Wishlist’s Crisscross Dress is the perfect casual, fun and stylish dress to pair with OTK boots. Add a pop of color to your outfit with City Classified’s Jupiter boot. The rich Vino color and suede material are definitely on trend in the fashion world of 2017.

2. Jeans & Boots
Choose a pair of boots that are comfortable and flexible enough to wear over jeans. Suede fabrics are always a good option. Zigi Shoho’s Brock is a soft suede fabric that will definitely fit over your skinny jeans. This boot has a 3 1/2 inch heel which makes it easy to dress up or you can go for a more casual look by wearing it with jeans. If you’re not into heels, Guess has a sleek and sexy OTK boot that looks great with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. OTK boots with a heel or with a flat sole are the perfect way to add variety and style to your wardrobe this year.

3. Skirt & Boots

This fun and flirty corduroy skirt will look adorable with a blouse, or sweater and OTK boots. Wear a boot with a flat sole since this skirt is of a more casual style. Soda’s Yan boot is the perfect boot to complete you trendy and stylish look. Also, add scarves and cute blazers to give your outfits a fun and unique look.


OTK boots can be intimidating at first, but they don’t have to be. There a many ways that you can wear this style of boot. Above are just a few of the ways that these boots can be worn. If you’re unsure about your look, check out the many style guides in fashion magazines or look at images on the web for advice.

Brands We Love: Merrell


If you’re an active person, then you don’t need to be told how important your choice of footwear is. You already know that it’s not enough for your cross-trainers and hiking boots to fit well and be comfortable. They also have to perform well under a variety of conditions. They have to be supportive and durable. That’s where brands like Merrell come in.

Merrell is well-known in the footwear industry for producing truly fantastic shoes and boots for active people. The Merrell name is synonymous with concepts like innovation, comfort, reliability, and value. In other words, there are lots of reasons why we love Merrell shoes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest reasons why you should love them as well.

Enduring History

As is the case with many iconic brand names, the Merrell story started with just one person who dreamed of producing products several cuts above what was already available. His name was Randy Merrell, a bootmaker from the small town of Vernal, Utah.

Merrell started handcrafting his incredible boots in 1981. It didn’t take long for people to sit up and take notice, either. Later on that same year, those boots would be dubbed the most comfortable and functional boot in North America by none other than Backpacker Magazine.

Randy Merrell’s business would truly reach the next level when the Bank of Vermont decided to invest in it. This made it possible to produce the boots on a much larger scale than was previously possible. It allowed for drastically lowered productions costs as well, and the rest is history. Today, the Merrell brand boasts a full catalog of hiking boots, moccasins, sandals, and even dress shoes made with the needs of serious outdoor enthusiasts in mind.


Superior Fit

As any outdoor enthusiast can tell you, it’s not possible to overstress the importance of a good fit when it comes to active footwear, and Merrell’s entire catalog gives new meaning to the concept. Each shoe is constructed from the inside out in order to ensure a shoe that’s comfortable and easy to wear.

Wide toe boxes further ensure that the shoe never feels tight or cramped regardless of what the activities of the day may be. Merrell shoes, like the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Brindle, are well-known for perfectly tailoring their fit to suit the differing needs of men and women.

Unbeatable Cushioning

Another hallmark of a superior active shoe is a footbed built with not only comfort, but support in mind – support that’s capable of cradling your feet through a grueling hike, run, or other adventure. Merrell delivers with footbeds that are anatomically shaped to fit to perfection.

The midsoles are further fortified with Merrell’s own highly responsive EVA foam cushioning. This cushioning is specially designed to absorb the shock associated with a variety of activities, from simple walking to vigorous running or jogging. The foam also helps promote overall foot stability, the better to help you safely and comfortably take part in all of your favorite activities.

Fantastic Moisture Management

When you’re an active outdoorsy type, it’s not enough for your shoes to simply be comfortable and supportive. They need to be capable of surviving exposure to moisture. That’s exactly why so many Merrell shoes come attached to heavy-duty features like Gore-Tex linings – features that completely keep out external moisture, help your feet stay dry, and ensure the longevity of the shoe itself.

Merrell shoes are also fantastic when it comes to managing internal moisture. Each pair is made with superior breathability in mind so your feet remain cool, comfortable, and dry no matter where your adventures may take you. They feature antimicrobial treatments to keep bacteria and fungi at bay.


Great Traction

Last, but certainly not least, Merrell shoes are nothing if not slip-proof. Each pair features ultra-tough Vibram rubber soles and a distinctive tread pattern capable of gripping a variety of different surfaces. You’ll never have to worry about having enough traction at your disposal again, even under wet or punishing conditions.

In other words, shoes like the Merrell Women’s Siren Edge, is built for serious outdoor enthusiasts, and then there are Merrell shoes – shoes that strike the perfect balance between function, form, and performance. Find your perfect pair today and take your own outdoor activities to the next level!


Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista in your life

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list that always seems to look totally put together no matter how hectic her life is at the time? Is she always the first to catch wind of the next big trend or the one that everyone goes to first for style advice? If so, the chances are pretty good that the process of shopping for her at holiday time might be a bit intimidating. Continue reading

5 Amazing Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Woman with scarf

We all love holiday shopping for the special people in our lives, and it’s not hard to understand why. We love the thrill that comes with finding just the right thing and the fun of wrapping it with love. We love seeing their eyes light up when they open a gift that’s totally on point even more. What we don’t love so much is the price tag attached to so many of the gifts that seem “perfect.”

Thankfully, there are lots of options out there that won’t break the bank when it comes to your holiday budget. For instance, all of the following items can be yours for $30 or less. They make great stocking stuffers or thoughtful token gifts. Let us count the ways. Continue reading

Fall Fashion Spotlight: Sneak Peek at Boot Season

Ankle Boots for Fall

This fall, textures in shoes like leather, suede, and reptile patterns dominate the top designer collections all over the runways. By adding structural elements like buckles, laces, and sculptured heels, there is nothing boring about footwear this season.

Here is a look at the hottest trends this year for the boot season.

The Most Popular Boot Lengths

The Mid-Calf Boot

One of the absolute top trends this year is the mid-calf boot. It’s the right length if you’re looking for something higher than an ankle boot but not as high as a knee-length.

A popular style among designers, this is probably the most versatile boot size that you can adapt to a number of different occasions. You can wear them seamlessly with skinny jeans for a casual weekend look, or pair them with an above-the-knee dress for the office.

Ankle Boots

The Ankle Boot

This year, most of the collections showed their version of the ankle boot. Mixing textures and patterns, with stilettos or chunky heels, plain or decorated, ankle boots are quickly becoming the hit sensation of the season.

To stay up-to-date with the trends this year, match the neutral color of your ankle boots to what you’re wearing for a classic look, like the Soda Women’s Agenda Platform model. To push the limits a bit further, choose a model with dual textures and tones, too.

The Knee-Length Boot

In general, knee-length boots hit the runways in all their colorful, ruffled, sculptured glory this season. In real life, there is no need to be so theatrical. There are other ways to get the attention.

With the comfort of doubling as an extra layer in the colder months, the knee-length boot is a staple item. Usually, it’s said that this type of boot fits taller women best, but they can be used by women of all shapes and sizes. Simply learn how to dress for your body type and height.

The Off-the-Runway Looks and Styles

The Return of the Western Look

Western-style boots are not a thing of the past yet, and they’re making a comeback this season. Although they were seen all over the runways with some variations, the Ariat Women’s Heritage Brown model remains a classic comfortable option and just as stylish with the thick heels, the familiar stitching, and the pointy toe.

Trendy Masculine Looks

The Trendy Masculine Look

Although a mini-trend in shoes, this androgynous style is going to be a top trend in clothing this season. In footwear, this style really pops in laced-up boots, with rounded pointy toes, and a thicker sole, combining the masculine with the feminine.  It’s a style you can easily dress down from office attire to casual weekend.

Boots with Buckles

Large or small, buckles on footwear are a top trend for the Fall of 2016. The metallic element, in tones of gold or silver, was used by designers to add structure and detail to boots in all lengths.

Check this trend available in our store: the Earth Origins Women’s Paula Low Boot model adds balance with the modern touch of the trendy buckles.

The Laced-Up Models

Feminine and chic, laced-up boots are here to stay as an overall fall trend in 2016. These boots are all about feminine grace and versatility, especially if you choose an ankle length model. It transitions from office wear to night out seamlessly, without compromising on elegance.

Chunky Heels

The Heels

This season’s trend in heels has them coming in three versions: chunky, wooden, and square. They are surprisingly feminine and, really, a tribute to women who are not as much into vertiginous high heels. It seems that this season’s motto is more about being inclusive of all preferences, showing plenty of stylish options for all, rather than plain trend-setting.

Although these three types of heels on all kinds of shoes might not appeal to every woman, they work very well in boots.

The Must-Have Textures and Patterns

Classic Leather
When it comes to textures and patterns, leather is the top shoe trend of the 2016 Fall. Designers love it, and so do we. Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes, leather boots remain a season classic and a must-have.

Feminine Suede
Suede boots are a favorite this season, mostly in the laced-up models. The colors of choice have been, usually, classic and timeless beige and camel. This texture adds a soft and feminine touch, especially if you use them with a masculine look.

Reptile Print
Since this season prints and textures seem to be in the spotlight, reptile prints don’t seem like a style choice bolder than usual.

Snake and lizard are the reptile skins of choice, with a close-to-natural look or just some added color with dark and rich tones.


Heavenly Heels for Fall Dresses

heavenly heels for fall

Fall is here, and it is time to break out the cool weather wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you have to store away all of your cute shoes. Fall dresses can pair wonderfully with some, but probably not all, of the heels you already have in your closet.

Here are some heels you will want to have in your collection this fall.

Short Dress with Leggings or Tights

Tights and leggings are not to be worn as pants, but they sure look great under a short or mid-length dress! This is a great way to transition a favorite summer piece into fall: just add leggings and a sweater or wrap. The variety of colors and patterns available is absolutely astounding, so you’ll be able to match any outfit.

A dress paired with leggings is just as versatile when it comes to shoe choices. Tall boots or short boots, known as “booties,” are the go-to, fashionable look, and there are beautiful high heel options for both styles. If you’re especially daring, try a pair of over-the-knee boots, like this pair by Zigi Soho. Avoid wearing pumps, as they can leave your outfit looking a little unfinished. A boot or heel with an ankle strap anchors the look and helps tights stay put.

Model wearing heels

Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

Who doesn’t love this classic look, made iconic by Diane Von Furstenberg? The universally flattering style should be a staple in every woman’s closet. Throw it on with your favorite pair of pumps, and you’re out the door. These dresses also look wonderful with a pair of wedges. The casual feel of a wedge can dress down an otherwise formal style, so you have more opportunity to wear your favorite wrap. These wedges by Jessica Simpson would look perfect with a solid color or pattern dress and will be comfortable all day.

You can also dress up the look of a solid color dress by pairing it with a stylish, patterned pump. Find a pattern with your dress color as an accent to add interest, or choose a pattern with brighter, complementary colors to really give your outfit a punch! A higher heel will add more drama, but look for a lower heel style if you plan to be on your feet for any extended length of time.

Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is the coziest way to look completely fashion forward. These dresses come in lots of styles, so there is a look out there for everyone. They are also easy to accessorize with belts, tights, scarves, and jewelry. You can easily change the look and wear it all the time. If you’re stuck in a style rut, there is plenty of inspiration out there to find a fresh new way of wearing the same piece.

Sweater dresses look their best when paired with tall boots or booties. Wearing a pump or wedge can seem incongruous since the dress is a heavier, warmer look. Textured styles pair especially well with sweater dresses. Boots with rouched suede, contrast panels, or a stylish buckle look great on everyone. Styles with stacked heels, such as these by Franco Sarto, are just as comfortable and casual as a wedge.

boots for fall

Start with the Shoe

Have a new pair of shoes and want to show them off? It’s easy to choose the perfect outfit to flaunt your new heels. Here are some examples of fresh styles with the best dresses to pair them:

  • Cowboy-style boot or bootie: This style can be tricky to pull off with a dress. Don’t get paranoid about creating a Western-themed outfit – go with it! Choose a natural waist, knee-length dress with a full skirt and throw a denim jacket over it. With such a strong clothing statement, keep jewelry to a minimum.
  • Tall, stretch calf boot with stiletto heel: This sleek style is perfect for creating a classy-yet-sexy evening outfit. Pair these boots with a sleek, body-con sweater dress for maximum wow factor.
  • Lace-up suede bootie: It’s impossible to pair such a casual style with a dress, right? Of course not! Put on those booties with a casual, belted shirtdress or chunky knit sweater dress for comfort and style.
  • Black leather pump: You can pair nearly any dress with such a classic choice. Wear them with your formal dresses or put them on with a work dress to add a little polish. Try not to wear them with thick tights to avoid uncomfortable sliding and bunching.


Fall may be a cooler season, but there is no reason to stick only to flats with your dresses. Remember your safety, though. You don’t want to put on your heels and get a sprained ankle. If there are slick or icy conditions, it is a good idea to wear a shoe with a little more traction, and then change to your heels once you’re secure inside. Have fun pairing the new season of dresses to the new season of shoes.



Favorite Fall Activity: Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

Whenever you go camping, you never know what the weather will be like. This in-between time, after summer and before winter, means it may be hot and dry one day, and cold and rainy – even snowy – the next.

You need to prepare for whatever the weather and conditions are by ensuring you have the right clothing and footwear. Packing the right boots, jackets, and other gear will make all the difference in enjoying a cozy and comfortable camping adventure or being miserable because you did not bring the proper wardrobe.

Boots and Shoes

Probably one of the most important items you need to pack is proper footwear. You will need some sturdy shoes that are suitable for the woods and hiking. You will need a pair of quality boots that will keep your feet warm and dry should the weather turn bad.

One good choice is the Sorel Ankeny Elk Stout boot for men. This footwear offers not only great protection when the weather turns cold, but it also looks great, too. The textile mesh lining will keep your feet dry and warm, while the removable molded EVA insert gives you terrific heel and arch support.

A practical yet stylish woman’s boot for camping is the b.o.c Women’s Saturn, with faux leather uppers and a plaid collar around the top. There is a rubber outsole, and the heel is about 1½ inches.

Some women prefer a mid-height boot. If you are one of them, try the b.o.c. Women’s Cybele that has chic straps and buckles, with a side zipper, that make them very easy to put on and take off. They are lightweight, too, and have a padded insole.

Hats for Outdoor Activites


If you want to stay warm, you need a hat. According to the U.S. Army field manual, you lose 40-45% of your body’s heat through your head. This makes bringing a hat along critical when you go on a camping trip. Hats also protect you from getting sunburn on your face or head.

Hats are small and easy to pack, so there is no reason why you can’t bring several with you on your trip. A ball cap is great for keeping you from getting sunburn.

When it is overcast and cold, an easy and stylish way to keep your head warm is wearing a beanie. For example, for women, the North Face Denali Thermal Beanie is a great fashion addition for camping or any cold fall day. It is lightweight and comes in pink, gray, white, or black. Reasonably priced, you can pick up a couple so that, no matter what you wear, your beanie will match it.


Make sure that you bring a couple of pairs of gloves with you when you go camping. If it is late fall or you know that an early snow is possible, ensure you have a pair of warm, lined mittens that will keep your whole hand warm. You might want to consider something that is also waterproof.

For less harsh camping climate extremes, pack a pair of insulated suede or leather gloves. Remember, you will be camping, and you will need something that offers good protection to your hands while at the same time keeps them warm.

Fall Jackets

Sweaters and Jackets

Sweaters are very practical items to pack for any camping trip. Even in the summer, the weather can turn chilly at night. In the fall, on a nice day, a sweater will keep you warm but not encumber you while walking the trails.

You will need at least two jackets: one lightweight and one substantially heavier. During the day, you can layer your clothing, maybe a sweater and jacket, or even a hunting vest and jacket.

You need the heavier jacket for the brisker night air or for that frosty morning.

Rain Gear

Rain is part of camping. Be prepared by storing a poncho and or slicker, along with the rest of your camping gear.

Bring along a rain jacket, too, and make sure it has features such as a stow-away hood, adjustable cuffs, and drawcords to keep it snug if the wind is blowing.

Many are light enough that they can be folded when not in use.

Final Thoughts

While you may not scrimp on food or hiking gear, don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pack the right clothing. You never know when an extra pair of boots, a rain parka, a sweater, or gloves will come in handy.


Game Day Looks – Are You Ready for College Football?

Looks for Game Day - Houser Shoes

Bring on the tailgating, junk talking, and touchdown scoring fall football season. You won’t find many people who won’t tune in for a little pigskin action. Whether you are a college student or reliving your old college days, you know how important college football season is.

If you plan to hit up some tailgating, football parties, or game day celebrations, you need to make sure your outfits complement the upbeat atmosphere of the festivities. Every football fan knows that dressing the part is just as important as for whom you are rooting. Make sure everyone knows you are the top football fan by dressing in your school colors. Remember to keep your look classy, and be smart about your footwear.

Tailgates and football games call for casual and versatile ensembles. Comfort is the priority  when deciding what to wear. Your outfit should look put together, but also allow you to participate in a few games of cornhole at the tailgate. Mix your personal style with some school spirit for the perfect college football spectator outfit.    

Incorporate Your School Colors

Show off your killer fashion by dressing the part in school colors. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to realize that wearing your old jersey and sporting your school colors is the ultimate in football fandom. Wear some great athletic shoes like Converses in your school colors, and you will be rocking that college student look.

Layer It On

Many of the season’s games will go into the colder months, which means wearing heavier gear to the games. Fall weather is fickle, and a cold front can move in quickly. If you find yourself needing a cold weather outfit, you can easily accomplish this with multiple layers. Layer an oversized sweater with a long-sleeved tee, and pair them with jeans and great athletic shoes. Accessorize the outfit with an infinity scarf and a knitted beanie in your team colors. This will help keep you warm during all the game day festivities, and the layers can be removed if the temperature rises.

Add a Touch of Class

Multiple layers are only part of what you need to ensure that you stay warm and cozy during football season. For colder days, you can bundle up in your favorite pair of jeans, basic long  sleeve tee, and a nice quilted vest or jacket for that preppy look. To incorporate your school spirit, you can add a knit hat or scarf.

fall footwear for football season

Bring on the Cowgirls

It is not always cold, depending on the time of year and location of the game. As soon as fall semester starts, college football games kick off soon after.

One of the most popular looks for women on game day includes the cutesy, short dress paired with a good looking set of cowboy boots. Pick out your favorite sundress – extra points if the dress is in your school colors – and slip on your boots for the perfect game day look. This is the ideal style for tailgating before the game, rooting for your team, and celebrating your win afterward, all while you remain fashionable in your chic look. 

Football Tailgating

Combine Your Leggings and Heels

If you want a more casual look that remains well put-together, you can always stick to leggings and a tunic or pair leggings with a school jersey. Leggings are the ultimate staple for any college student closet. This outfit works great with a pair of booties and oversized sunglasses to offset the basic look.

Stick to the Flannel

If you plan on being the chef during the tailgate, you don’t want to don your best outfit. Instead, slip on a basic tee with a flannel shirt over it. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, and you are ready to become a grill master. You can even wear a comedic looking apron to protect your clothing and to add to the spirit of the tailgate. This outfit can be worn with flip flops or sneakers, depending on your preference. When the game is about to start, throw on your sunglasses and a team ball cap to join in the fun.

Final Thoughts

The key to dressing for college football is to show off your school spirit while remaining comfortable. Game festivities can last all day, so wear something appropriate for the weather conditions and that you feel good in while displaying your support for your team. Remember to keep it casual and comfortable.

Wear clothes you can sit in for the duration of the game, wear shoes you can do a lot of walking in, and don’t forget to layer your outfit when the temperature drops.

FedEx Freight Nascar #11car will be showcased at GB Shoes in Hendersonville and HouserShoes in Kingsport, TN

HouserShoes in  Hendersonville and Kingsport will be hosting the FedEx #11 car on Tuesday Aug. 16th  from 3pm to 7pm in Hendersonville, 5418 Asheville Hwy,  and Wednesday from 3pm to 7p  at their Kingsport location at  1525 East Stone Drive.

Catch it…if you can and race in to see the #11 FedEx car. You’ll meet racing experts, get to ask question and take home fun souvenirs. There will be photo opportunities with the car as well.

GB Shoes in Hendersonville and HouserShoes in Kingsport will also be offering a 25% discount during the event off your entire purchase at the store. There will also be a free shoe drawing for anyone taking a selfie with the car and posting it on the Housershoe.com facebook page at :

www.facebook.com/HouserShoes    A random drawing will determine the winnier.

Don’t miss your chance to view the FedEx car #11 and meet racing experts, win gear and receive souvenirs and shoe discounts! This event is free and open to the public.