Shoe Limerick Contest 2016

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There once appeared in my browser

A website by the name Houser

With styles galore–

Shoes, purses, & more–

At prices so low I cried, “WOWSER!”

Congratulations to Sarah from the staff at Houser Shoes!

Other Staff Favorites:

Rita Sader

My only true weakness is shoes

All spending on them I’ll excuse

To fuel my obsession

I’m now in possession

Of a discount card from Houser Shoes

Renee Nelson Clark

My name is Renee

My feet are kind of small,

I wear a 5 after all

Have no fear, Houser Shoes is near!

With a selection for feet small and all!!!

Debbie Roberts

Shoes, shoes, give me shoes good for my feet

I had rather shop at Houser for shoes, than to go out & eat

Their selections are practically without an end

When I buy from Houser, I know a great deal I will win!

Kaitlin Derderian Farkas

There once was a guy needing shoes.

On the web did he often peruse.

He couldn’t resist,

And he’d often insist

On a bargain from Houser refuse.

Jenny Stansell

There was a young lady called Toots,

Who loved walking out in her boots.

They were shiny and black and looked good from the back,

and the felt so good on her “foots.”

Anita H. Nelson

There once was a girl of high fashion,

Houser Shoes dot com was her passion.

The price made her smile;

they were matchless with style,

and her feet were always quite dashing.

Kathy Carra

Oh how the world would not be the same,

If Houser Shoes were not in the game.

Oh we really love your shoes;

there are SO many to chooose.

Pick a pair or two, then stake your claim!

Stephaney Smith Crenshaw

There once was a young girl from Cuba

Whose feet were wrapped up in a tuba

She found Houser one day

And said this is the way

To wear shoes when you want to be supa!!

Joan Alexander Stanley

Houser Shoes

are always in the groove,

I know you can’t improve

if you wear Houser Shoes!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s limerick contest!

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“There was a young lady from Perth

Who with rare enthusiasm did mirth

Over boots that were ugly

But so sweet and cuddly

Those Uggs, the cutest boots on earth.” wishes you good luck in this limerick competition!

Come up with your own shoe limerick by Thursday at midnight and one winner, selected by our customer service staff, will win a free pair of shoes up to $75 (or $75 off). 
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