It’s Halloween! Halloween is a fun time of the year. It is a time for ghost, goblins and ghouls! Oh yeah, the most important is candy, no one can forget about the candy. Costumes are another important part of Halloween. If you are going to a Halloween party, trick or treating , or just dressing up for fun, costumes are fun.  People should enjoy costumes on Halloween. The costume experience is what you make it. If you need wear a costume to work that day, make it fun. A person can also wear sensible shoes with their costumes and you can get them at Houser Shoes.

Wearing costumes is what you make of it, it can be a great day to go to work because everyone else is in costumes and it makes it a light-hearted fun day at work. Choosing a costume is fun. Figuring out what or who you want to be for Halloween is fun. Choosing the costume, whether it be a witch, a vampire or a ghoul can be exciting. You can make it like no other costume you have seen before. It is a time to use your imagination and creativity. Halloween can be an interesting time for footwear also. Yes, it is great to have a day to let your imagination go crazy but you also need to remember that your feet are a precious part of the body. Choosing the correct footwear can help protect them.

A witch costume is a great choice for Halloween this year. The popularity of programs like ‘American Horror Story Coven” and the program ‘The Witches of East End’ make the costume even more popular. The fashion runways have given a wonderful choice of ankle boots that will help bring your witch costume all together nicely. The great idea of being a witch can be an easy choice and will let you have a wonderful pair of ankle boots to wear throughout the seasons. Ankle boot brands such as Easy Street, Steve Madden, and Chinese Laundry are all nice and fashionable choices.

Another popular costume this season is from ‘Duck Dynasty’ program. The great shoe for this costume could be a cowboy boot. A couple of brands to try are Bare Traps and Old West Boots. For you ladies, a princess or a queen costume is always an option. With these costumes it is best to wear the sparkle style of shoes. By this I mean , find the silver and gold shoes that are popular this season. Take into consideration the size of a heel when choosing these styles. Try a brand such as Life Stride or John Fashion.  Vampires are another popular costume to choose this season. Shoes can be as simple as a loafer to as extravagant as a heel. Super heroes are more popular now than ever , simple footwear to wear is boots. Great super heroes need comfortable boots.

Don’t forget when choosing a costume and a shoe that you can get some insoles and this will help in protecting your feet on a Halloween trick or treat walk. Have a ghoulishly fun Halloween everyone. Be safe and Happy Halloween!