Brands We Love:Converse

If you’ve got a sense of style and an eye for fashion trends, you probably own or have owned a pair of the most popular shoes of all time. Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars have been around since the 1900’s and have sold over 750 million pairs. This iconic shoe first established itself in the sport of basketball, but has become so much more over the years. Chuck Taylors are now a fashion statement shoe that allows people of all ages to express their unique sense of style and individuality.

Enduring History
Converse is a brand that generation upon generation have come to know and love. Converse Rubber Shoe Company was started by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 and specialized in galoshes. Soon after the company began making the shoes that would make them famous worldwide. The first version of the oldest, most popular and best-selling basketball shoe of all time was introduced in 1917. It was originally known as the “All Star” until it was discovered by Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. Taylor liked what he saw in the All Star and recognized its potential for becoming the most important shoe in the sport of basketball. Taylor believed in the shoe so much that he decided to join the Converse sales team and spread the word about the infamous Converse All Star. Because Taylor was so successful in promoting the shoe, Converse changed its name and the “Chuck Taylor” All Star was born in 1932.

Expressing a sense of style is easy for some but in the ever-changing fashion world what’s considered in-style today may be history tomorrow. Chuck Taylors have remained virtually unchanged since the 1940’s but how to style them continues to change. Below are a few ways to keep your Chuck’s updated and looking fresh.