Brand Spotlight: The Refined Comfort of b.o.c.

BOC Womens shoe

If you’ve ever owned and loved a pair of Born shoes, then you’re already familiar with what a godsend the brand has been to feet everywhere. In fact, Born has spent the past 20 years completely redefining what it means to wear comfort shoes. Fine leathers, exquisite craftsmanship, and thoughtful detailing are the hallmarks of the label, so it’s not hard to see why they have such a loyal following.

The b.o.c. brand name is actually a subdivision of Born, so it comes attached to the same high-level quality you’d expect from the mother brand. However, b.o.c takes things one step further and focuses on unique styles that are perfectly in step with current fashion trends as well. Let’s take a closer look at why b.o.c. is, without a doubt, one of the brands we love most.

Superior Materials

Like the shoes under the original Born label, b.o.c.’s footwear options are made from some of the very best materials on Earth. Think exceptionally soft leather, all-natural specialty linens, and beautifully woven fabrics of all kinds! Plus, many of the materials—especially the leathers—are specially treated to achieve a variety of attractive effects. In other words, these are shoes of exceptional quality capable of meeting even the highest, most exacting sets of standards.

Unbeatable Comfort

At b.o.c., it’s not enough for a shoe to be well-crafted from superior materials. It’s also got to be profoundly comfortable. After all, the days when people were willing to sacrifice their personal comfort and ongoing health in exchange for a chance to wear the latest styles are over. Modern fashion enthusiasts want it all, and b.o.c. delivers.

b.o.c. shoes include features like padded footbeds, roomy toe boxes, and shock absorbent outsoles. That said, they make it possible to look your best no matter what’s on your agenda for the day. Work all day in comfort or play all weekend in style! It’s completely up to you. 

Black bootsTrend-Savvy Designs

When b.o.c. was originally launched, the goal was to deliver the trend-sensitive styles the world’s most fashionable people were looking for, but without sacrificing a thing when it comes to sheer comfort. We definitely think they succeeded, and then some!

Today, the label boasts a wealth of stylish, seasonally appropriate options for both men and women. There are loafers, sandals, and flip-flops to add to your collection, not to mention a full line of boots, booties, and clogs.

Each exquisite creation also gels perfectly with current fashion trends on a level many other comfort brands fail to deliver. You’d never know a b.o.c. boot like the Cleo Wide Shaft was a comfort boot, for instance. The same could be said of any footwear option that bears the b.o.c. name.

Thoughtful Detailing

stylish sandalb.o.c. shoes aren’t just stylish enough to be right at home on any contemporary fashion runway. They feature the same unique little touches and exquisite details shoe lovers came to expect from the original Born label years ago. Examples include beautiful metal hardware, embossed patterns, and eye-catching artful additions that guarantee each individual shoe really turns heads.

These aren’t cookie cutter shoes, by any stretch of the imagination, either. b.o.c. shoes are the type of footwear that will have all your best friends begging to know where on earth you got such beautiful, unique shoes.

Value-Conscious Pricing

On-point style and design aren’t the only elements that set b.o.c. apart from the rest of the pack when it comes to what we think we know about comfort footwear. Under most circumstances, a really great comfort shoe represents a bit of an investment. b.o.c. shoes, on the other hand, come attached to price points that are capable of fitting into even the most modest budgets. This is footwear you can depend on to carry you through every aspect of your life because you can afford to.

For that reason, fashion-forward people everywhere who need their shoes to be both stylish and comfortable step out in b.o.c. sandals (like the highly popular Sophina) and flip-flops all summer long. When fall arrives, they turn to b.o.c. for the most fashionable boots and booties. They know they can look to their favorite label to deliver positively iconic work shoes, casual shoes, and statement options as well. Make it a part of your unique look today and experience the difference for yourself!