Brand Favorites: 6 Reasons Why We Love Ugg Boots

Back Ugg Boots

Some people feel their cold weather wardrobe is incomplete without at least a couple of pairs of Uggs. Others are a little more casual about their love of this iconic brand. Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, one thing’s for certain. Once you’ve worn a pair of Uggs, it’s impossible not to love them.

Here, we’ll go over some of the most important reasons why every closet deserves to contain at least one pair of Uggs. We’ll also cover why we’re forever devoted to this amazing brand and think you should be, too.

1.      They’re warm and cozy.

It’s hard to think of footwear that feels more amazing on your feet than a classic pair of Ugg boots, but they’re not just cozy and comforting. They’re also one of the best options to turn to when it’s cold outside because they do an excellent job of keeping your feet warm.

Luxurious sheepskin cushions your feet and keeps them from losing heat. Sturdy insulated outsoles keep moisture, snow, and the chill of the frozen pavement outside where they belong. Slip into an option like the women’s classic mini this winter, and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

2.      They’re comfortable.

If you’ve never worn a pair of Uggs before, you may only think you know what it feels like to own comfortable shoes. Any shoe can benefit from a pair of insoles, and many options out there can help get you through the day without making your feet sore.

Uggs, on the other hand, make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. They don’t need to be broken in or require time to mold to your feet the way other shoes do. Plus, you’ll never need another pair of insoles again!

Brown Ugg Boots

3.      They’re built to last.

While most of us secretly really look forward to adding a few new items to our closets each season, no one wants to completely replace a favorite pair of shoes after only a year or two. This is especially the case when it comes to expensive winter options like boots.

If you invest in Uggs, you won’t have that problem. They’re built to last, and they will see you through multiple winters before needing to be replaced, especially if you treat them with good-quality shoe care products.

4.      They couldn’t be more stylish.

Good cold weather footwear has to be practical, durable, and comfortable. However, it’s also nice when a shoe or boot can be all those things while also being stylish as well. That’s the definition of Ugg boots.

Uggs have been so popular for so long that you can bet you’ll find at least one pair in any serious fashionista’s closet.

Assorted Ugg Boots

5.      They’re the ultimate finishing touch to any comfort look.

It’s not just that the Uggs themselves are comfortable. It’s that they pair so well with so many outfits. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to think of anything we’d rather wear with our basic black leggings when the weather turns cold.

Winter is always fun because we get to snuggle up in all our warmest, coziest clothes at long last. Adding Uggs to the mix means there’s never a need to choose between feeling cozy and being as trendy as any celebrity.

6.      The Ugg brand is about a lot more than just boots.

The classic neutral-toned, fleece-lined boot is the first thing you think of when you hear the brand name “Ugg.” However, that’s far from your only option when you make them your cold weather footwear manufacturer of choice. The good news is the classic boot comes in a range of colors and styles.

Uggs offers plenty of other options when it comes to comfort footwear as well. Think cozy bedroom slippers you’d have to experience to believe, colorful wellington boots to keep you dry in the rain, and duck boots that will see you through even the worst weather! They even offer their own line of shoe protection products. As the weather turns colder, treat yourself to a new pair of Uggs, and you’ll never have to worry about winter footwear again!