Best Women’s Shoes to Look Stylish at Summer Music Festivals

Womens shoe for festival

For some people, summer’s all about family parties, location weddings, or picnics in the park. For others, the mere thought of summer instantly conjures up thoughts of killer playlists and unforgettable festival experiences. However, getting ready for the festival of the century is about so much more than just scoring tickets in time. It’s also about looking the part, and that means putting some serious thought into what you’re going to wear.

Your choices in comfortable footwear are especially important. You want to look like a million bucks, of course, but you also want to be perfectly comfortable. The following options are just a few of our favorite shoes for the summer.

1. Comfy and Stylish Slides

A good pair of stylish slides covers all the bases. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and completely hassle-free. These trendy shoes will help you look the part without much effort. That’s exactly why you’ll be seeing slides on so many people this summer.

We’re absolutely in love with this adorable embellished red slide from Nature Breeze! Sturdy one-inch platform soles and conforming footbeds combine to keep you comfortable no matter how much time you spend standing. Beautiful bohemian-inspired embroidery and twinkling gemstone accents add the finishing touches to your look!

2. Colorful Canvas Sneakers

These days, sneakers aren’t just for the tennis court anymore. There’s nothing you can’t wear with a casual pair of canvas shoes, as they look fantastic with everything from jean shorts to flowing peasant skirts. They’re great for music festivals, striking a perfect balance between effortlessly cool and perfectly comfortable.

This summer, think outside the box a little and lace up an ultra-colorful pair from Converse or Keds. Think candy-colored patterns and fun designs that are just right for a summer’s day!

Block-Heeled Bootie

3. Block-Heeled Booties

As any festival attender knows all too well, many locations come complete with their share of dirt and mud. While sandals are certainly a great option for beating the heat, not everyone wants to spend the day kicking pebbles and dirt out of their footwear. If that sounds like you, take a closer look at this summer’s festival-friendly booties.

Booties are perhaps the easiest way to give your look an effortless cool vibe. Plus, they go with absolutely everything. Look for block-heeled options like this fringed nubuck bootie from Pierre Dumas. They won’t just look stylish. They’ll be comfortable enough to see you through even an all-day festival with style and comfort.

4. Platform Wedges

Not everyone’s lucky enough to be blessed in the height department, so shoes that help make up the difference are always popular. However, proper high heels are out of the question for a long, hot day. That’s where this season’s best platform wedges come in! They’re high enough to help you peep over the crowd but comfy enough to wear all day. Strappy designs not only look great, but they are a very wearable trend for the summer season.

Active Sandals

5. Active Sandals

There’s a reason why you see hiking sandals from brands like Chaco or Birkenstock on so many people attending music festivals. They’re quite possibly the perfect shoe for the occasion. Not only are they comfortable and practical enough to see you through the excitement, but they’re very much in style in the festival circles. They’re tough enough to stand up to the elements, rough terrain, or unexpected foul weather as well.

Try slipping into something like this aqua active sandal from Chaco. Just don’t be surprised if you never want to wear another pair of shoes again because they will spoil you with comfort. Try them on for size today!