Best Shoes for College Tailgates

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Now that college football season is officially here, it’s time to start getting excited about tailgating. Maybe this year will see you attending your first college tailgate as a new student, or maybe you’ve been going to tailgates for years. Whatever the case may be, you naturally want to be appropriately dressed.

Footwear is definitely an important part of any tailgate look. Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the best options to consider if you’ve got tailgating on your agenda this season. Which one will you be sporting?

1.      Converse Sneakers

Converse is so much more than an iconic household name when it comes to sneakers. It’s also one of the brands to beat when it comes to footwear that’s not only comfortable and sporty, but that really feels “all-American.” Classic options like Chuck Taylor All-Stars are especially appropriate for a tailgate or a game.

Add a dash of school spirit to your look by choosing a pair of Converse in your alma mater’s team colors. Also, make sure yours fit you properly, as we can promise you you’ll want to wear them to more than one event.

2.      Crocs

pink flip-flops on the lawn

Tailgates can get messy, especially if you’re really living it up, so you’re not alone if you’re worried about getting your shoes dirty. Crocs are pretty much the ultimate choice in spill-proof comfort footwear, so they’re perfect for tailgates. If you happen to spill beer or nacho cheese on them while you’re getting your grub on, just wipe it right off, and they’re good as new.

Crocs are pretty tough to beat when it comes to comfort, as well. Even professionals like chefs or nurses that spend lengthy work days on their feet practically swear by them for their superior comfort and ability to stand up to even the messiest settings. You can definitely count on yours to get your feet through your next tailgate.

3.      Wedge-Heeled Booties

Tailgates are only one of the things we tend to get really excited about this time of year. One of the others is definitely the return of boot weather. Why not combine the two by reaching for one of this season’s exciting and versatile wedge-heeled booties? (We really like the Sabine from Pierre Dumas.) Sleek, classic lines will keep you perfectly in step with the season, while sturdy wedge heels keep you comfortable all day long while still allowing you a little height.

You also really have your choices when it comes to how you wear a pair of wedge-heeled booties. Pair yours with boot-cut jeans as part of a layered look or use them to get more mileage out of one of your favorite summer skirts.

4.     Ballet Flats

pretty girl holding a lot of colorful shoes. shopaholic woman chooses shoes

If there’s one setting that is absolutely not the place for a pair of wobbly high heels, it’s a tailgate party. To begin with, many tailgates take place on grass—the absolute worst surface for trying to walk around in heels. You don’t necessarily have to wear sneakers, but it’s definitely advisable to choose something easy to walk in.

Why not swap out your signature heels for a comfy pair of ballet flats for the day? Ballet flats are every bit as stylish and fashionable as heels are. However, they’re infinitely easier to walk and stand in. Plus, they go perfectly with everything, from jeans or cutoffs to a skirt and sweater combo.

5.      Comfort Flip-Flops

You’ll definitely see your share of people wearing flip-flops at pretty much any tailgate, and with good reason. As touched on above, tailgates can be messy events. You’re drinking, eating, or maybe even serving food to others. You’re hanging out on the grass. The nearest toilet is probably a Port-a-Potty.

Many people don’t want to worry about what’s on their feet, so they reach for their trusty flip-flops. If you decide to go this route as well, ditch those flimsy dollar store options in favor of supportive flip-flops from a company like OluKai. You’ll enjoy the same easy versatility of a flip-flop but with the reliable support of a comfort shoe, thanks to features like molded insoles and rugged rubber outsoles. OluKai flip-flops are water resistant as well, so they’re definitely ready for that next tailgate party.

In a nutshell, tailgates call for footwear that’s comfortable and practical. However, it’s perfectly okay to be stylish as well, and the above options are proof. Which one’s your favorite?