What Kind of Footprint Do You Leave?

Western civilization seems to be increasing the emphasis of how product manufacturing impacts the environment. With this in mind, several companies have risen to the charge and made a point to engage in Earth-friendly practices as an effort to reduce the “human footprint” left behind on the world. At Houser Shoes, we are happy to carry several brands that are considered eco-friendly as well as brands that participate in promoting societal well-being.

New Balance gives an “Environment Initiatives” mission statement to keep balance in their environmental sustainability effort with products and facilities, and strive to maximize efficiency. Chaco has been recognized by the North Fork River Improvement Association for their environmental contributions. The company was also awarded the Community Award by the Western Slope Environmental Resource Council and has been applauded for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, one year by more than 572,000 pounds. Cushe shoe brand has also voiced their dedication to the environment and Earth-friendly practices. NorthFace also contributes by their partnerships with 350.org, an international campaign dedicated to the climate crisis, BICEP, The Conservation Alliance, and Blue Planet Run which addresses sustainable, safe drinking water on a world-wide scale.  Last is Naot shoes, a division of Yaleet Inc., which donates donates approximately 15,000 pairs of shoes to local charities.

So next time you’re looking at shoes and you find yourself wanting to make a difference, here’s a few ideas of where to look. After all, what is needed for a big change isn’t one grand gesture, but the thoughtfulness and commitment of you and people like you who want to make the world better.


Enjoy Your Spring Fling With Spring Fashion

Spring is here again and you may find yourself having some trouble getting that extra skip in your step, especially after putting in those 9 to 5 hours. Before you go out for the evening, there are a few things you can do to help put that spring back into your step besides purchasing some new Spring Fashion Shoes.

Always avoid sitting for long periods of time. That’s a big one. With reasonable frequency, get up from the desk chair and walk to somewhere, maybe the water cooler (water helps the circulation in your legs) or just make a brief lap through the office. In those times where you are sitting, extend your legs out in front of you as you sit and bend your feet up and down at the ankle. The ankle flexes, or ankle pumps, promote the circulation in your legs and keep water, more correctly “lymph fluid,” from building up in the joints and tissue which can cause swelling.

Now when the sun goes down and you’re ready to enjoy a warm evening out with friends, take care of your feet a little more with lightweight and cushioned sandals. You might find Aerosoles suits your tastes with one of their cute thong sandals. Or if you’re really into a comfortable sandal, you might try one from Sanuk brand. The Californian brand puts special emphasis on a comfortable footbed which can clearly be seen with styles like the “Spree” which has yoga mat material to cradle the foot.

Don’t let Life slow you down this Spring. And from Houser Shoes and the Shoeru, we want you to enjoy every day to it’s fullest!

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What is the APMA seal of Approved/Accepted?

When you are shopping online or at a shoe store, you are bound to see some shoes that say “APMA Seal of Approval.” But what exactly does the American Podiatric Medial Association “Approved” or “Accepted” seal really mean?

Fortunately, this famous seal is not just some sales gimmick or false assurance. The American Podiatric Medical Association (or APMA) Program was developed to assist podiatrists in recommending footwear and to provide an informative service to the consumer general public. To gain the seal of “Accepted” or “Approved” a product is evaluated by the Podiatric Seals Committee as to whether the product promoted “good foot health and/or normal foot function.” This evidence is established by either clinical laboratory tests or by the product meeting certain guidelines put forth by the committee. It is so thorough that each committee member conducts specific scientific evaluation on every product that is submitted for approval.

Next time you see certain Dansko brand footwear or Dockers footwear with this identifiable stamp, you know that it has been scrutinized and researched to make sure that it will benefit you!

Information taken from apma.org. Visit their website for further information on guidelines, products evaluated, and details on the process.

Some Thoughts on Leather Care

Don’t beat up those casual shoes, gentlemen… keep the quality without the hefty bill.

Next time you purchase a pair of Sperry Top-Siders or Clarks of England, periodically brush them down to remove excess dirt or loose debris and gently rub them down with some natural finish leather conditioner/cleaner or mild polished leather cleaner. About once every 1-2 months (depending on frequency of wear) after removing any debris, simply take a cotton cloth and use circular motions to work in a small amount of conditioner/cleaner. This not only keeps the shoes looking nice, but also preserves the tenacity and flexibility of the leather. Unfinished leather especially requires a restoration of moisture to prevent cracking and breakdown. A few minutes every month can prolong the life of your shoes saving you money in the end. After all, who doesn’t want to save some money?

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