5 Spring Shoe Trends We Love Right Now

Tan suede wooden platform shoe isolatedAlthough we’re always happy to see spring make a triumphant return each year, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what to wear. Are those clear, blue skies and balmy temperatures really here to stay this time? Is it still too early start living in tank tops, shorts, and sandals around the clock?

While we can’t predict the weather in your area, we can definitely tell you what to look forward to in exciting spring footwear trends. The following are just a few of the looks we can’t wait to try firsthand.

1. Nude Footwear

Tired of the same old white sandals and flats you normally wear once spring arrives? We’ve got awesome news for you! This year, there’s a better option to explore—barely there nudes that go beautifully with everything in your closet.

Get ready for funky, chunky open-toe offerings like this ultra-stylish taupe mule sandal from Dansko, perfect for everything from your favorite pair of cut-offs to this spring’s best in flirty florals. Nude flats and walking sandals will be a popular choice for casual weekends. You’ll be seeing a lot of nude footwear showing up as part of this season’s dressier ensembles, as well. They are perfect for more formal occasions, like baby showers, Sunday brunches, or even weddings!

2. Block Heels

If you couldn’t get enough of the block heels that showed up on everything from knee-high boots to office pumps over the fall and winter, prepare to get super excited. Block heels are far from over. In fact, they couldn’t be trendier right now!

Block heels represent a perfect marriage between style and comfort. They’re ultra-feminine and incredibly chic, but they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. This spring, prepare to brave your morning commute in professional but lovely block-heeled pumps. You’ll be elevating your weekend looks a few notches, as well, when you don this season’s strappy block heel sandals and mules. 

colorful athletic shoe

3. Candy-Colored Athletic Shoes

For lots of people, the excitement of spring is only partially about swapping sweaters and woolen scarves for sundresses and sandals. The return of beautiful weather and sunny days means more opportunities to get out and get active, and this season’s colorful new kicks are exactly what you’ll want to wear when you hike, bike, walk, or jog!

Spring 2017 is all about bright, beautiful colors when it comes to athletic shoes, sneakers, and cross-trainers of all types. For instance, you can lace up a great pair of trail shoes like the stunning Trail Crusher by Merrell before you hit your favorite nature path this spring, or slip on a cherry red pair of Chuck Taylors before you meet your friends to stroll around town.

4. Pretty Touches and Details

Every spring sees the return of cheerful spring colors like tangerine, canary, turquoise, and fuchsia, and this one is no exception. However, this year’s designs really elevate the idea of mood-brightening, romantic footwear with cute details and elegant decorative touches that will leave you completely inspired.

Look for flats, sandals, and pumps with gorgeous embellishments like faux pearls, oversized bows, and floral appliques. Booties and mules will come complete with accents like flirty ties, eye-catching cut-outs, and edgy studs. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for dress shoes and heels with embellishments just on the heels. 

Snakeskin textured strappy heel shoe

5. Kitten Heels

As touched on above, there’s nothing uncomfortable or painful about this spring’s crop of dress and formal shoes. Options like block heels are making it easy to tackle even your morning commute in comfort and style. So are kitten heels—a classic style that’s making a comeback in a big way this season!

Love them or hate them, prepare to see a lot of kitten-heeled shoes in shimmery metallics and irresistible animal prints this spring. Lots of this season’s ankle-strap options will be styling with kitten heels as well. Get ready to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, strike a pose, and embrace them today! We promise you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.