5 Amazing Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Woman with scarf

We all love holiday shopping for the special people in our lives, and it’s not hard to understand why. We love the thrill that comes with finding just the right thing and the fun of wrapping it with love. We love seeing their eyes light up when they open a gift that’s totally on point even more. What we don’t love so much is the price tag attached to so many of the gifts that seem “perfect.”

Thankfully, there are lots of options out there that won’t break the bank when it comes to your holiday budget. For instance, all of the following items can be yours for $30 or less. They make great stocking stuffers or thoughtful token gifts. Let us count the ways.

1.      Scarves

No fashionista would be caught dead during the colder months without the perfect layered look at her disposal. The style-lover in your life would also tell you that the trick to those layered ensembles she makes look so effortless is the right scarf! That makes a vast collection of stylish scarves a must, and many come attached to price tags that are very affordable indeed.

This season, the scarves to have are anything but basic, so look for dynamic plaids, flirty polka dots, and eye-catching patterns in pretty seasonal colors. Paisley prints and florals are also good choices, as are cozy knits or fringed options.

2.      Totes

Not every handbag comes attached to a grossly prohibitive price tag. This is especially the case when it comes to so many of this season’s quirky totes. Totes make great alternatives to purses or backpacks for people on the go. Plus, they can go absolutely anywhere and are useful all year long, so you can bet your recipient will get a lot of use out of theirs.

Look for flap-style options like this adorable denim tote from Sakroots or useful eggshell designs that feature drawstring closures. Beach bag style options are also fantastically affordable but come in a variety of fun patterns, pretty colors, and unique designs. If you’re so inclined, you can even fill it with beauty supplies, toiletries, or other inexpensive goodies.

Shoe Grooming kit

3.      Shoe Care Supplies

Do you know someone with an extensive collection of gorgeous-looking boots or a closet stuffed to the gills with beautiful designer pumps? You may or may not be able to help them add to their enviable stash for $30 or less, but you can certainly help them take impeccable care of it with a stocking filled with fantastic supplies.

Include a selection of different items designed to care for a variety of different footwear options. Leather cleaner is a good option, as is leather conditioner and moisture repellant. You can also look into shoe trees, boot trees, suede brushes, or shoe brushes, as many shoe shops carry some for $30 or under. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of items like extra shoelaces as well.

4.      Hats and Caps

There are also quite a few different toppers out there that can be had for the price of $30 or less. Options include visors, ball caps, and more. Best of all, absolutely everyone loves hats, and no one ever reaches the place where they’re done collecting more. They’re equally appropriate gifts for men, women, and children.

Is it legitimately cold where your recipient lives? Score a really nice cold weather hat or cap from a top-notch company like North Face. Do you know a teenager who’s crazy for the 90s nostalgia that’s influencing the fashion world right now? Treat them to an awesome vintage knit beanie. There’s a hat out there to suit everyone and very few of them are hard to afford.

Comfortable boots

5.      Slippers

Slippers are considered a classic holiday gift for a reason. They’re warm, toasty, and personal without potentially being inappropriate. They’re also the type of item everyone likes but that not everyone thinks to purchase for themselves. Best of all, they’re affordable on even a shoestring budget, so you can easily find truly enviable options for sale at price points of $30 or less.

Try treating the women in your life to one of this year’s adorable options in fun patterns like animal print, plaid, or polka dot. The man in your life will love a distinguished option in brown suede and fleece. Start exploring the options today!