Work Shoes for Women: An Executive Style Guide

pair black high heels

When you’re an upwardly mobile professional, your choice in office attire is no longer just about your preferences and personal style. It’s also about sending the message to bosses, colleagues and clients that you’re reliable, responsible and a serious force to be taken seriously. It’s about exuding professionalism and unshakeable confidence at all times. Continue reading

Birkenstock Sandals: The Perfect Welcome to Warmer Weather

person showing birkenstock sandals

When it comes to warm weather footwear, there are sandals — and then there are sandals that are so iconic, they’re nearly synonymous with the concept of spring, summer and the joy of beautiful weather. Birkenstock sandals are without a doubt the perfect summer shoe, and we personally couldn’t imagine this time of year without ours. Continue reading

Exploring the Great Outdoors as a Family: Ultimate Gear Guide for Spring Activities

gear guide spring activities

Can any spring possibly be considered complete without plenty of time spent outdoors in the company of the people you love most? Whether your family looks forward to an annual camping trip or it’s all about hiking and picnicking, there’s nothing like plenty of sunshine and fresh air for making the best memories. You never want to underestimate the importance of having the right gear on hand though, as your choices can make or break your experiences. Continue reading