Holiday Wish List for College Co-Eds: Best Boots from Sperry to North Face

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Stylish Shoes for New Year’s Eve

Stylish Shoes for New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year HatWhen it comes right down to it, there are holiday celebrations—and then there’s New Year’s Eve. For most people, it’s their last big hurrah before it’s officially time to turn over a new leaf in the year to come. That means throwing (or attending) one heck of a party and making sure it really counts for something. It also means the last round of selfies, group photos, and opportunities to see or be seen in a holiday party setting for quite some time to come.

All things considered, it makes sense to want your New Year’s Eve look to really knock ‘em dead. However, finding the right dress or pantsuit is only half the battle. You need the right footwear to finish your look to perfection, as well, and not just any shoe will do. The following are just a few of the trends we’re really loving for New Year’s Eve this year, each one more wearable than the last. Which ones have your attention?

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Say It with Color

On New Year’s Eve, everyone’s more or less got the same idea when it comes to dressing up. They want to see the year out with a bang and look like a million bucks doing it. They want to be sure they stand out in a crowd as well. In other words, you’ll want to pick footwear that will help you make some noise of your own even in the middle of a huge gathering of people.

When it comes to shoes, nothing turns heads and demands attention quite like a bright color that speaks volumes without saying a word. Although which color you choose is completely up to you, you’ll definitely want to give a second thought to vibrant primary tones like canary yellow or fire engine red. Two-tone shoes are also all the rage, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little. It’s New Year’s Eve! If ever there’s been a time to try a larger than life color combo on for size, it’s that night.

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Embrace Festive Patterns

Patterned shoes have been very much on trend for a couple of seasons running, now, and they’re still very much “in” for winter. In other words, if you’ve been waffling on whether or not to give a particular pattern a try, you have the perfect excuse to finally take the plunge this New Year’s Eve. The more festive, colorful, and cheerful you can go, the better!

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Want to give a pattern a try, but not sure what to consider? Try integrating a touch of the tropics into your look with an option like the Behave Yourself wedge from Poetic License. You’ll look beautifully festive, but in a way that’s all your own. Plus, a comfortable wedge heel will give you all the height you’re looking for without leaving you limping in pain by the end of the evening. You’ve got a couple of different color combinations to choose from as well.

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Strut Your Stuff in Sky-High Heels

For some of us, looking like the stuff of legends on New Year’s Eve is all about height, height, and more height. It’s not hard to understand why, either. High heels are perhaps the best footwear to slip into when you’re really serious about making an impact, especially if you’re not already naturally blessed in the tallness department. Heels help sculpt your legs, refine your posture, and ensure you look like grace personified whether you’re walking to the punch bowl or boogying on the dance floor.

The key to success, here, is to choose a heel you know you can actually walk in. If you have trouble with stilettos or they just plain cramp your style, you can easily achieve the same degree of impact with a nice, high platform shoe complete with a chunky retro heel. Don’t be afraid to really kill it in a bright color if that’s your thing! Bold colors and tones are positively stunning on a really high heel.

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Look Perfect in Animal Print

leopard print high heelThere’s more than one way to make a bold statement on New Year’s Eve, and going all-out colorful is only one of them. Some fashionistas prefer to make a subtler statement that doesn’t need to be loud in order to turn every head in the room. If that sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to consider stepping out in an animal print footwear option this season.

Animal print dress shoes like this stunning cheetah pump from My Delicious quite simply wrote the book on being subtle, bold, and sexy all at once. They definitely add a lovely hint of pizzazz to a little-black-dress-based look or a more understated ensemble for an office party. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep on wearing them long after the last round of party streamers is history—perfect for the office, a power lunch with the girls, or anytime you want to feel like a force to be reckoned with! You can even pair these with jeans for an instant style upgrade anytime.

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Keep It Practical in Embellished Flats

What do you wear if you don’t want to suffer in heels and bright colors or patterns really aren’t for you? You can’t wear flat, neutral-toned shoes to a dressy occasion like a New Year’s Eve party, can you? Actually, not only can you totally wear flats for New Year’s Eve, but some of this year’s most sought-after flat options are guaranteed to score you as many compliments on your look as any pair of bright red four-inch heels.

The key to making flat shoes in basic neutral tones work for New Year’s is to make sure they’re not completely plain. Go for pretty ballet flats with clever embellishments that add style, visual appeal, and interest to your party look. Think faux gemstones, fringe, decorative folds, regal medallions, or graceful beaded clusters! The more unique and unusual the embellishment, the better.

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Turn Heads in Sexy Over-the-Knee Boots

Who says it has to be all about traditional dress shoes when it’s time to dress up? If there’s one occasion that calls for thinking outside the box and breaking the mold, it’s definitely New Year’s Eve, so anything goes. Consider slipping on a slinky pair of this season’s sleek and sexy over-the-knee boots for a show-stopping look guaranteed to have all eyes on you from the minute you arrive.

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We personally love the Zigi Soho Brock, and we’re confident you will, too. A long, lean design hugs your leg and shows off your every curve to perfection. A classically high 3 ½-inch heel combines with buttery faux suede uppers and thoughtful tie accents for a look that’s equal parts elegant and diva-like. The Zigi boot is even comfortable, thanks to a padded footbed and stretchy interiors that guarantee a perfect custom fit. Pair yours with a heart-stopping mini on New Year’s Eve, and then keep wearing them all winter long any time you want to add a little extra flair to your look.

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Look Lovely in Vintage

If you’re into party looks that are sure to get attention but are perfectly classic as well, you might want to consider going retro with your New Year’s Eve look this year. Slip into a pretty vintage dress, slick on some red lipstick, and arrange your hair in pretty pin-ups curls. Then finish your look to perfection with a pair of old-school Mary Janes, add some sparkly jewelry, and you’re all set!

Retro looks allow for plenty of room to get creative as well, so don’t feel you have to throw back to Old Hollywood starlets in order to look perfectly classy. Try matching a pair of spectators with a Katherine Hepburn-inspired pantsuit or channeling your inner flapper with plenty of fringe and dramatic makeup. Whichever direction you decide to go, honoring the glamour of yesteryear is always a smart party decision.

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Shine Diamond-Bright with Sparkle

bejeweled silver high heelA winter party presents the perfect opportunity to channel your inner snow queen, and New Year’s Eve is definitely no exception. Some of this season’s hottest looks in dress shoes take concepts like sparkle, shimmer, and glitter to exciting new heights, with features like gemstone detailing and glamorous beads that catch the light in all the right ways.

The exquisite Honey 2 from the footwear geniuses at Valenti Franco is a perfect example of what we mean. Elegant gemstone details cover this shoe from heel to toe, the better to make sure your every step sparkles. A 5-inch heel combines with a comfort-cushioned platform footbed to strike the perfect balance between form and function. Don’t miss your chance to add it to your most stunning holiday looks this season!

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Look Smart in Boho Booties

As beautiful as the right pair of heels or elegant dress shoes can be, there will always be those who are looking to think completely outside the box. If that sounds like you, then you might want to take a second look at some of this season’s gorgeous bohemian-inspired booties. (The women’s Lidia by L’Artiste is just one fantastic example.)

Decadent colors combine with unusual patterns, textures, and designs for booties that really work well with a lot of different party looks. Pair yours with a super-short mini or a go-go dress for a cute throwback look. Match them with a seriously slinky pair of fitted leather pants for a chic urban feel. Then, when the party’s over, keep your boho booties on heavy rotation all the way through mid-spring. They’re great ways to add color and funky style to all your favorite cool-weather looks.

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Take the Plunge with Mermaid Shoes

If you’ve noticed that an increasing number of trends seem to be ocean-inspired these days, we assure you it’s not your imagination. These days it’s all about mermaids, ocean life, and all things nautical, even now that it’s officially wintertime. The mermaid trend has made its way into some of this year’s hottest New Year’s Eve looks, as well, so it’s something you might want to consider if you’re not interested in basic black or shimmery metallics, but really want to look elegant nevertheless.

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Try adding a dash of ethereal appeal to your party look with a glittery pair of mermaid shoes like the Kitana 45 from Cape Robbin. Multi-toned sequins cover the shoe in a scale-like pattern from heel to toe. A pointed toe and sky-high 4 ¼-inch stiletto heel add a nice dose of classic appeal. Meanwhile, a comfort-cushioned footbed ensures that you’ll be able to dance the night away in absolute comfort. Perfect for pairing with an ocean-themed ensemble or for adding a sassy hit of visual appeal to an all-black look!

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Make Waves in Metallics

When you think of truly iconic New Year’s Eve looks, your mind instantly thinks of glamorous ensembles that sparkle and shine. There’s no time like the New Year to literally look positively golden, so, if you’ve been wanting to embrace the ever-popular metallic trend, now would be the ideal time to get on board.

It’s ultimately up to you how bold you want to go, but we personally like the idea of going all the way with a funky high-shine platform like the Sedona from My Delicious. Faux leather uppers in glossy rose gold catch the light and ensure all eyes are on you when it’s time to tear up the dance floor. An adjustable ankle strap and a cushioned platform footbed ensure that even sensitive feet are able to go the distance. Add a flashy dose of glimmer to a more subtle ensemble or polish off an all-metallic look to perfection. It’s up to you!

Of course, these are just a few of the many possibilities you can consider when it comes to finishing off your ideal New Year’s Eve look. However, they’re our personal favorites, for sure. Which ones are you brave enough to rock when you ring in 2018 in style this year?

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