How to Waterproof Shoes for Fickle Spring Weather

Spring is here, and we’re all looking forward to stepping out in lighter footwear like sneakers and sandals, but these fresher days also bring showers, mud, and puddles that can damage our footwear.

A little time spent waterproofing our footwear will protect our new purchases and beloved old favorites from the capricious spring weather.

Shoes made from synthetic materials generally don’t need waterproofing, and, once you keep them clean, they should last you years without much effort. However, natural materials such as leather, suede, and canvas need some loving care to keep your feet dry and your shoes in good condition. Continue reading

Favorite Outdoor Shoes for an Active Lifestyle

With spring knocking at our doors, it’s only natural to feel the longing for the great outdoors and dream of warm, sunny days. To get the best out of your outdoor experience, you need the right gear, including the proper footwear. We’ve put together our favorite outdoor shoes for the whole family to help you achieve and maintain an active lifestyle.

Women’s Outdoor Shoes

Brooks Women’s Dyad 9 $149.97

Are you looking to get outside and start running the roads? Have a marathon on your mind? The Dyad 9 from Brooks has a new streamlined silhouette and gives you more forefoot flexibility than previous models. With a 10mm midsole drop, this shoe is perfect for runners that need extra support when running. The shoe has an engineered mesh covering it, which gives the runner structure and stretch where they need it and enhances breathability. The Dyad 9 is available in two colors: Gray-Capri and Blue-Fuchsia. Continue reading

7 Staples of the Business Casual Wardrobe

Ladies, it’s a fundamental truth: How you dress in the morning can determine your whole day. Want to go out in your yoga pants and that old t-shirt? You can, but don’t expect to exude the same confidence you could have had dressed in a great pair of slim cut, dark wash jeans and three-quarter sleeve blouse that project your strength.

Here are some great staples to have in your closet to keep you looking strong and taking charge of your professional future.

Continue reading

Top Shoe Trends from Fashion Week

top shoe trends from fashion weekThe catwalks at New York Fashion Week 2017 were graced with an array of colorful, funky shoes. Most were more whimsical than elegant, even though we did spot some very sophisticated and stylish heels. There is nothing understated about this year’s footwear. On the contrary, the footwear definitely complements this year’s often loose-fitting, colorful clothing lines.

There’s also good news for those of us who prefer flats rather than killer heels. The 2017 selection of flats are seriously eclectic. Continue reading