5 Essential Gifts for Him

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If you’re like many people, buying for the special guy in your life can present quite the challenge. This is the case whether you’re talking about your father, your brother, your male best friend, or your life partner. Naturally, you want to get him something he’s sure to love. However, you need it to be practical and economical as well.

The following items are some of this season’s best picks when it comes to gifts for him. They’re value-conscious, useful, and absolutely essential. Best of all, each and every one is something any man will be sure to love. Continue reading

Trending Now: Block Heel Booties

Here in the 21st century, women are no longer willing to settle for one thing or the other. They don’t want a career or a family; they want both. They don’t want a relationship or a fulfilling social life filled with friends; they want both. The same line of reasoning applies to the modern woman’s approach to fashion.

Today’s woman expects her footwear to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. That’s exactly why block heel booties are having such a moment right now. They’re the perfect marriage of all the elements women are looking for in a fall shoe.

Why Go with Block Heels?

There are several reasons to forgo stilettos or other more traditional heels in favor of block heels. Let us count the ways!


Every woman loves the graceful look and the height that comes along with high heels. What they’re not so nuts about are the pain and discomfort that come along with them. This is especially the case when it comes to long days spent working on one’s feet.

Today’s block heels are every bit as stylish and feminine as other high heels, but they’re also a lot more practical when it comes to everyday wear. You can do everything in them from painting the town red on a date, to working, to spending the day running errands or driving the kids around.


Not every look is a great fit for stilettos or flats. However, you can pair anything from jeans, to dresses, to shorts with block heels and still look fabulous. They’re also available from a multitude of designers, come in just about every color under the sun, and can be found attached to just about every kind of footwear there is. Whatever the look you might have in mind, it’s sure to go perfectly with a block heel.

In short, block heels represent the very best of both worlds – the elegant, leg-flattering look of a heel without the pain, discomfort, or safety issues that tend to come along with them.

Block Heel Booties: Must-Have Fall Footwear for 2016

If you’re a huge fan of block heels and someone who looks forward to boot season each and every year, then you’ll go wild for this fall’s hottest trend – the block heel bootie! Chunky, stylish block heels ensure that they’re as easy to wear as they are good-looking. Low, near shoe-like heights make them wearable with a variety of different fall looks. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorites.

Jellypop Women’s Bobcat

This daring bootie is definitely one for the lady who loves making a statement. Faux distressed leather uppers combine with fun accents like chains, buckles, and studs for a low-key edgy look. A side zipper and reinforced 1 ¼ inch heel make this boot as easy to wear as can be. Pair it with everything from jeans, to sweater dresses, to long flowing skirts.

Franco Sarto Women’s Nashville

If you like your block heels a little on the higher side because of the elegance they bring to the table, then you’ll fall in love at first sight with the Nashville, for sure. Beautiful suede uppers in rich colors and distressed toe accents catch the eye and add appeal to any outfit. Reinforced foot bed padding and a lace-up closure ensure that these booties are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Lifestride Women’s Lexy Shootie

If you’ve got your heart set on a simple, basic bootie that will go with absolutely anything this fall, then look no further than the Lexy Shootie from Lifestride. A combination of matte and shiny textures add visual appeal in a subtle way that won’t clash with the rest of your look. Traction soles, flex support, and a layer of plush memory foam in the foot bed make these extra comfortable, as well – perfect for the office!

Soda Women’s Belt Bootie

Looking for a bootie in a timeless style that stands out in all the right ways? The Soda belted bootie is for you! Double belt and gunmetal rivet accents play against a faux-leather upper. A quirky, stylish faux-stacked block heel completes the look to perfection. Pair with all of your favorite fall looks, and then some!

If you’re looking for a fall boot that hits all the right notes, almost literally goes with everything, but is completely in step with the latest trends, block heel booties are absolute must-haves. Check out our selection today!

Fall Fashion Season: The Return of Boot Season

Everyone gets excited about fall for a different set of reasons. Some people can’t wait to revisit their addiction to pumpkin spice lattes. Others start planning their Halloween (or even their Thanksgiving) the minute the first leaves start to fall from the trees. We look forward to cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, and electric blankets, above all else.

However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t get excited about the return of boot season, and with good reason. Here we’ll take a closer look at boots as must-have fall wardrobe staples, explore some of the most exciting boot trends of 2016, and discuss how you can choose the right boot for yourself.

3 Great Reasons to Wear Boots

Not all footwear is created equally. Boots really do bring quite a few unique benefits to the table that other shoes can’t quite match. Let us count the ways!

  1. Boots look good on everyone.

The right boot can take anyone’s fall look from “meh” to “wow” in a heartbeat. They look equally fantastic on men and women. They’re adorable on children. They add polish and panache to absolutely any outfit. Plus, the sheer variety of styles out there today mean there’s a boot just right for every lifestyle, personality, and setting.

  1. Boots are versatile.

Tennis shoes, pumps, and loafers tend to have a time and place when it comes to appropriateness. Boots, on the other hand, can be worn anytime and anywhere. The right pair of boots can be professional enough for the office, stylish enough for a night out on the town, and comfortable enough for weekend wear. They can also be worn with jeans and slacks just as easily as they can be worn with dresses and skirts. 

  1. Boots are as practical as they are stylish.

With a solid collection of boots in your corner, you never have to choose between style and comfort because they bring both to the table. When the temperature drops in the fall and throughout the winter, you can count on a solid pair of boots to keep your feet warm, comfortable, dry, and protected from the elements. However, they’re also classy enough to upgrade any outfit up a notch or two when it comes to actual style.

Adding even a couple of pairs of boots to your fall wardrobe will really open up your options when it comes to the looks you can create. Short or tall, casual and comfortable or sleek and fashionable, boots are the perfect footwear solution to so many fashion problems.

What’s Trendy in Men’s Boots

It’s a common misconception that a man’s boot options start and stop at work boots or motorcycle boots. Today’s men are as interested in style and self-expression as women are, and that state of affairs is reflected in the sheer number of footwear options out there today. The following are just a taste of what’s in when it comes to men’s boots this fall.

Duck Boots

When it comes to boots that are truly changing the name of the game, duck boots are right at the top of the list. To begin with, duck boots are specially designed to protect your feet from the elements. They’re waterproof and sturdy, so they’re perfect for people who live in regions that see a lot of rain, snow, or slush throughout the fall and winter. They also look awesome, so no worries about having to choose between function and form.

Suede Boots

Every style-conscious man looking to add a practical and attractive go-to casual shoe to their closet this fall should really take a second look at suede. It’s attractive enough for going out on the town or to add a little extra flare to your favorite business casual look. However, suede boots are comfortable and durable enough that you’ll want to wear them on the weekends with jeans as well. Check out Kenneth Cole’s Desert Sun Chukka in particular for a versatile fall look you’re guaranteed to love.

Outdoor Boots

Shorts weather may be over, but it’s hardly time to hole up at home for the season. Fall is the perfect time for activities like hiking, apple picking, and festival going. However, you need footwear that’s up to the same challenges you are. This season’s outdoor boots for men are sturdy enough to survive just about any adventure, but good-looking enough to make you look and feel perfectly put together – which works for spontaneous weekend dates or outings with the family.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots never really go out of style. However, this fall’s picks bring a little something new to the table. We’re loving gently distressed looks like the Ariat Men’s Roper in brown, as well as hybrid styles that strike an appealing balance between classic cowboy boot and practical work boot. If you’ve been fantasizing about a new pair for yourself, now’s the time to invest in an upgrade.

What’s Trendy in Women’s Boots

Women have a lot to look forward to when it comes to boots as well. The following are just a few of the new offerings that have us especially excited for fall.

Tall Wide-Calf Boots

Modern women want it all when it comes to their fall footwear. Tall boots have been go-to choices for many years because of how versatile and stylish they are, but this season will see fashionable women everywhere going crazy for tall boots that also feature a wide calf. Wide calf styles are perfect fits for today’s athletic bodies, as well as just right for wearing over jeans, leggings, and more. Check out the elegantly chic Joya Plus for an option that’s every bit as comfortable and practical as it is fashionable.

Bursts of Color

Classics like black and brown will always be in style when it comes to fall boots. However, this year is finding women just as interested in daring color options that really make a statement. This is especially the case when it comes to hunter boots, rain boots, and other weatherproof options. Look for deliciously fun options in shades like purple urchin, military red, and hunter green. Which of fall’s hottest colors will you be sporting?

Suede Booties

As is the case with men’s boots, fall 2016 will be seeing shoe shops everywhere filling up with smart, attractive women’s styles in luxurious but practical suede and faux-suede. Especially popular are chic, lace-up booties like the gorgeous but affordable Reno from Pierre Dumas. Lower, wider heels strike a great balance between flair and comfort. Outsoles with traction ensure that your boots are safe and slip-proof as well.

Eye-Catching Patterns

Color isn’t the only way to set your footwear apart from the rest of the pack. Unique patterns and eye-catching blocks of contrasting shades are a great way to add visual appeal as well. (The Amanda from Pierre Dumas is an excellent example.) Look for designs with features like hidden stretch gore for a comfortable custom fit that’s ready for action anywhere. Elegant high heels paired with padded foot beds and gently rounded toe boxes help complete the picture – the perfect fit for a night out on the town or a day at the office.

The days when women simply accepted that attractive, elegant footwear also had to be uncomfortable are long over with. Today’s fall boot is all about looks that are as comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear as they are eye-catching and stylish.

What’s Trendy in Children’s Boots

Once upon a time, concerns like style or self-expression were thought of as adult concerns only. However, today’s children are just as interested in clothing and footwear that’s fun and sets them apart as their parents are. Here’s a closer look at what’s hot in children’s boots this fall.

Riding Boots

Riding boots of various types have been staples for people of all ages for many years now. However, this fall will see children expressing their inner rebel with motorcycle-inspired options like the Burton from B.O.C. Real or faux leather uppers combine with fun details like buckles, contrasting stitching, and more for an eye-catching look. Cushioned foot beds and sturdy soles ensure this fall’s riding boots are as much of a “yes” to mom as they are to her little ones.

Wild Patterns and Electric Colors

Nothing cheers up a dreary day like rain boots or galoshes that feature bright pops of color, fun patterns, and cheerful designs. You’ll be seeing a lot of that this fall when it comes to children’s boots, thanks to well-loved manufacturers like Capelli New York. Popular options include animal prints, jazzy chevron patterns, bright combos, and even shiny glitter options.

Pint-Sized Versions of Adult Styles

Not every boot trend this fall will be unique to kids. Many of the most popular offerings will be child-sized versions of the same stylish shoes mom and dad will be wearing. Children’s duck boots for little ones of all ages are a perfect example. The same goes for the cowboy boots, chukkas, and hiking boots adults will be snapping up just in time for fall. Perfect for children who really do want to dress just like mom or dad!

As you can see, this fall will bring plenty to the table for style-conscious children. However, all of the options available will be comfortable, sturdy, and practical enough to please their parents as well.

What to Consider When Choosing a Boot

With so many different options to choose from, it can be a challenge to put your finger on exactly which of the many styles out there would be right for you. Here are some must-know tips to ensure you’re loving your boots all season long.


Whether you’re male or female, boots and shoes with a bit of a heel are going to be more flattering to your legs than options that go completely flat. It’s important to realize that there’s more to boots with heels than stilettos or platforms, though. Worried about practicality and comfort? Look for thicker heels that are easy to walk, work, play, and live in. The cowboy boots mentioned above are a perfect example of something that works well for men or women.


Naturally, you’ll need to consider when and how you want to wear your boots. Fashion styles are fine for the office, for casual weekend looks, or for everyday wear. However, you’ll want to look at something tougher and more durable if you’re an active person or if you know you’ll be facing a ton of rain or snow where you live. Look into work boots or options from manufacturers like Timberland for boots that are just as durable as they are good-looking.


Make sure you have an accurate understanding of the size you currently wear before you put your money down, especially if you’re looking to buy your boots online. This is important when it comes to any shoe, but especially so with boots. If you haven’t had your feet properly measured in a while, it’s a good idea to do so before you shop. Factors like weight loss/gain, injuries, pregnancy, and more can all change your shoe size, sometimes drastically. If you’re interested in taller boots, make sure you don’t forget to measure your calves and determine your leg dimensions as well.


Boots should be more than just a convenient way to cover your feet throughout the fall and winter. You want options that are representative of a good value – affordable, to be sure, but also sturdy and indicative of solid craftsmanship. Always buy from trusted brand names that are well known for offering quality, durability, and solid design. Choose the merchant you buy from just as carefully. Always go with options that are well known for providing fantastic customer service, great value, and lots of selection when it comes to product. (Houser Shoes is a great example!)

As you can see, there’s a lot for boot lovers of all ages and from all walks of life to get excited about when it comes to footwear this fall. Which of the season’s fantastic new styles will be gracing your feet?


Houser Shoes Giveaway Shoe Visits Beaver Lake in Asheville

As you may know, the Houser Shoes Headquarters is located in Western North Carolina, so we have access to lots of outdoor activities including lakes. We decided to take the Merrell Giveaway Shoes out to Beaver Lake in North Asheville to enjoy some time outside.

Houser Shoes at Beaver Lake in Asheville NC

Taking in some lakeside sun at Beaver Lake, Asheville NC.

Houser Shoes and the Mountains of Asheville

Beautiful mountains all around, as well as a jogging/walking trail around the lake, and also a bird sanctuary on the south side of the lake.

These are the shoes that we are featuring in our November 2016 giveaway. You can find out more about the contest on the Houser Shoes Facebook page. And if you have any great outdoor photos with shoes you have purchased at Houser & GB, please share them with us on Facebook!