It’s Halloween! Halloween is a fun time of the year. It is a time for ghost, goblins and ghouls! Oh yeah, the most important is candy, no one can forget about the candy. Costumes are another important part of Halloween. If you are going to a Halloween party, trick or treating , or just dressing up for fun, costumes are fun.  People should enjoy costumes on Halloween. The costume experience is what you make it. If you need wear a costume to work that day, make it fun. A person can also wear sensible shoes with their costumes and you can get them at Houser Shoes.

Wearing costumes is what you make of it, it can be a great day to go to work because everyone else is in costumes and it makes it a light-hearted fun day at work. Choosing a costume is fun. Figuring out what or who you want to be for Halloween is fun. Choosing the costume, whether it be a witch, a vampire or a ghoul can be exciting. You can make it like no other costume you have seen before. It is a time to use your imagination and creativity. Halloween can be an interesting time for footwear also. Yes, it is great to have a day to let your imagination go crazy but you also need to remember that your feet are a precious part of the body. Choosing the correct footwear can help protect them.

A witch costume is a great choice for Halloween this year. The popularity of programs like ‘American Horror Story Coven” and the program ‘The Witches of East End’ make the costume even more popular. The fashion runways have given a wonderful choice of ankle boots that will help bring your witch costume all together nicely. The great idea of being a witch can be an easy choice and will let you have a wonderful pair of ankle boots to wear throughout the seasons. Ankle boot brands such as Easy Street, Steve Madden, and Chinese Laundry are all nice and fashionable choices.

Another popular costume this season is from ‘Duck Dynasty’ program. The great shoe for this costume could be a cowboy boot. A couple of brands to try are Bare Traps and Old West Boots. For you ladies, a princess or a queen costume is always an option. With these costumes it is best to wear the sparkle style of shoes. By this I mean , find the silver and gold shoes that are popular this season. Take into consideration the size of a heel when choosing these styles. Try a brand such as Life Stride or John Fashion.  Vampires are another popular costume to choose this season. Shoes can be as simple as a loafer to as extravagant as a heel. Super heroes are more popular now than ever , simple footwear to wear is boots. Great super heroes need comfortable boots.

Don’t forget when choosing a costume and a shoe that you can get some insoles and this will help in protecting your feet on a Halloween trick or treat walk. Have a ghoulishly fun Halloween everyone. Be safe and Happy Halloween!



Fall is a season of change, from warm weather clothing and footwear to cold weather clothing and footwear. The changing of the weather is an event that can be wonderful for anyone’s closet. It brings new colors into any wardrobe and can even be a discovering of new, exciting items into one’s world. This is all done by changing a wardrobe. On the fashion runways all over the world this fall season there have been many jewel tones, a winter white, dark browns and blacks. One color that is coming into the lime light is a bit of a surprise. It is the color grey. Grey is the newest, hottest and late blooming color of this fall/winter season. It is a great color choice to add to any wardrobe.

Grey is a new neutral color that can be worn with other colorful items in one’s wardrobe and can make any outfit a new favorite. When finding shoes, one should think of the colors in the outfit and what occasion the outfit will be worn for. Grey is a color that is close to black and can be incorporated into any wardrobe easily. Try a lovely little a-line skirt, checkered blouse paired with a grey ankle boot. This is a great business casual outfit for your work. It is an outfit that can go from work to play also. Another lovely way to incorporate the color grey into one’s wardrobe is with an UGG boot. UGG Australia bailey button grey will pair fantastically with jeans along with a cardigan and camisole set. Grey is the newest color to set your soul on fire with style.

Many other colors are coming to the forefront this fall season other than the color grey. Jewel tone colors, such as plum an orange is hitting the right mark in fashion right now. Teal is another color that is coming into fashion. Jewel tones such as these have been on the comeback for a while in fashion. With the beautiful holidays coming, this is a great time to add to one’s wardrobe a great jewel tone color. For any fall holiday party, choose a great little black dress and pair with a jewel tone colored shoe. Metallic’s are a great shoe to choose for many popular holiday occasions, but try a jewel tone color , such as Easy Street Claire cranberry, for a more fun style to one’s outfit.

No matter what new colors you choose to add to your wardrobe, always have in your mind why you want to get something new, and how you will use this item within your wardrobe. This will make choosing the right shoe fashion easier on you. Shoes are a fun way to bring in color and to update a wardrobe. Finding your personality in a pair of shoes can be a great experience and can boost your confidence when wearing different outfits. Houser Shoes offers a large selection and many styles and colors to meet your fashion needs. Personality can shine through your shoes. After all, shoes protect the soles of your feet! Happy Fall!


Many shoes need good homes to go to this fall. In the fall the weather begins to get a chill in the air, with this change brings new and wonderful styles to have in their closets, including shoes. Shoes can be a fun item to shop for, they can be dazzling or they can be simple. It all depends on the need and the personality of who is going to be wearing them. If you want to look for a particular pair of shoes for this fall season and if you want a must-have style of fall this list will help you. There are many styles, colors, and  sizes to choose from at Houser Shoes.

  1. Ankle Boots – Ankle boots are the hottest style this autumn. They have a statement to make and with many of the decorative styles to choose from they make a great statement.
  2. The Wedge – The wedge is back this autumn, bigger and better than ever. Every woman needs a wedge in their closet this year. Wedge heeled shoes are a great day shoe and a great night shoe. Along with the ankle booty, wedge heels appeared on many fashion runways.
  3. Heels- If you still call heels, pumps, that is ok. High heels, pumps, heels, whatever you choose to call them, and they have finally made the comeback that they deserve.  Heels have a wonderful way of making any outfit a little more elegant.
  4. Cowboy Boots- Who knew that cowboy boots would come back onto the runways. Many choose cowboy boots in different colors now. Cowboy boots can be fun to wear on a night out, or for a comfortable day in town. Cowboy boots are a fun choice for everyone.
  5. Flats- Every girl needs flats in their closet.
  6. Knee & Thigh Boots -   Whichever your preference will make a fine addition to anyone’s closet. Be simple with your outfit if you choose a thigh high boot. Make the thigh high boot the center of attention. Knee high boots are great paired with leggings and a sweater dress.
  7. Stilettos & Platforms- Stilettos are a wonderful choice for many formal events. Platform heels will be great for a lovely evening out on the town.
  8. Ballet Flats- For all of your fall festive needs, the ballet flat is there for you. Jeans and an elegant blouse make them shine.
  9. Loafers- Great for the working lady, loafers are not just for the office anymore. Wear them out on the town for a more casual look.
  10. Tennis Shoes- Of course tennis shoes is on the list. No one can go wrong with tennis shoes, they are great for long autumn walks to look at the beautiful foliage.

All of these must have shoes is what you can find at Houser Shoes! Whatever you choose , remember to shop with your personality. Have fun shopping and have a wonderful and colorful autumn!



Aerosoles are a great comfortable brand of shoes. The quality of the shoes is wonderful. It is a great shoe to wear all day at work and at play. There is many styles to choose from when it comes to Aerosole shoes. The Aerosole company has been around for a little over twenty years and each pair of shoes that are made have the best quality and comfort that one can find in a shoe. Aerosole is an innovative shoe company that offers a combination of style and a quality of comfort that your feet will love.

When looking for a nice looking pair of shoes, look for a pair of Aerosole at Houser Shoes. Houser Shoes has a wonderful and stylish selection of  Aerosole brand shoes. You can choose from heels, sandals, flats, and loafers in many colors and styles. Try a hot trend like an ankle boot by Aerosole and you will find the quality and comfort that will feel wonderful on your feet. Aerosole is a brand that has used the latest in shoe technology to make a great comfort shoe. Every time that you wear a pair of Aerosoles your feet will feel like new with each step you take.

Aerosole is a brand that many depend on for a great work shoe. A lovely black skirt or dress pant with matching suit jacket along with a flowered print blouse paired with Aerosoles women’s red hot pump will be a beautiful working suit for many business occasions.  Ankle boots are all the rage this Autumn and make a wonderful shoe to wear to all the wonderful Fall festivities. Try an Aerosole Cingle File Bootie  in tan with a pair of skinny jeans with a  plaid blouse for a lovely outfit to wear to find that perfect pumpkin for Fall.  For a nice outfit to admire the Fall foliage in , try a pair of  Aerosoles women’s Mr Softee in tiger tan with a pair of jeans and a cardigan set. This is the best loafer shoe to compliment a lovely and simple Fall outfit. When looking for that special pair of shoes for a special occasion, try Aerosoles women’s cincture black PU. It will be that simple bit of  elegance that will make you a smash at any special occasion event. A Fall vacation sounds wonderful and you can find a great pair of Aerosole sandals to wear.When seasons change, Aerosoles has a great selection of boots and sandals. With a large selection of Aerosoles , you can find that perfect pair at Houser Shoes.

When looking for a quality pair of shoes and wanting to find a pair that will fit in well with your entire wardrobe, it is easy to do with Houser Shoes. There are plenty to choose from in basic and not so basic colors.  Many shoes will come and go in your closet within your lifetime. When choosing a pair each season, remember the quality and the comfort of the brand called Aerosoles.


High heels have always been in women’s closets. Any season, women have loved high heels. Fashionable, quality and more importantly comfort is what we women look for in a heel. The comfort part is the hardest to find at times though. The fashions are changing when it comes to heels. In the last few years it has been about the higher the better, the more abstract of a heel the better, and the platform heel is better, that is all behind us now. In the fashion industry now, anything, as far as the size of the heel is concerned, goes. Whether it is a 2 inch or a 4 inch heel both are considered in style when it comes to fashion.

One thing is true in fashion, a good heel goes a long way. Many think that a heel can be the only shoe a woman should wear, and I admit, I do have more confidence when I am wearing a pair of heels ( of course I am only 5’1 in height). I am the modern woman who has a nice variety of heels and flats in her closet. Heels can be terrible for your feet, but that is why everyone needs a balance of flats and heels. It is also why finding a good quality heel that is comfortable and fashionable. These heels are out there, Houser Shoes has them. Houser Shoes offers great quality and fashion when it comes to finding heels. Houser Shoes offers sole inserts too, so it will be even more comfort on your feet.

Heels, higher heels, and highest heels there is a difference. Some consider a regular pair of heels as pumps. Pumps are heels, not overly high heeled, maybe 1, 2, or 3 inch. Higher heels is more of a balance between height and not to low, think 3 to 4 inch. Sometimes a wedge or chunkier heel style. The highest heels would be the stilettos, the spike, and the overly high platform heels, think of a heel 5 to 8 inches. No matter which you prefer, everyone can choose whatever style they like this season and it will be in fashion. When picking the perfect pair of heels , there is a couple of ways to do so, either way is good. Some will fall in love with a pair of heels, I , myself am guilty of this more than once,  purchase them and then buy an outfit to match them. The second way is to purchase an outfit and then find the perfect heels for the outfit.

Many colors, styles, and fashionable heels can be found this season. It depends on what you want in a heel and choose what fits your personality the best. Brands that offer quality and comfort to look for at Houser Shoes is Chinese Laundry, Pierre Dumas, Bare Traps, Life Stride, and Easy Street.  These brands offer good support and can be a great addition to any closet. Have fun when looking for heels, remember to pick up sole inserts, and let your personality shine with shoes.


Flats are like the perfect shoe. Flats come in many different colors and in many styles. There are different kinds of flats such as ballet flats and very low heel flats. Flats are practical for everyday use. Flats can be in casual or dress styles. Anyone can wear flats. They are the perfect shoe to travel in, whether it is on an airplane or traveling by car or bus. Since flats can be worn with dress or casual wear, this makes them a great pair of shoes to have in any closet.

Flats can be the most stylish kind of shoe because they will never go out of style. Other styles of shoes we all have seen come and go throughout the years in fashion, but the most basic style of shoe, the flat, has stayed around consistently.  Even though throughout the years in fashion flats have come in a different style and color, flats have never actually been out of style in fashion. Somewhere and in some way flats have always been the perfect shoe in every way possible. For a lovely and splendid collection of flats go to Houser Shoes, they know style and quality. Everyone wants a shoe that will be practical with great quality and at Houser Shoes you can get it all.

Casual flats can be a great way to spice up any pair of jeans and t-shirt.  There are many styles to choose from. There are many colors to choose from. A comfortable look for a day outing is to pair a basic t-shirt, comfortable jeans, and pair with a colored casual flat. Casual flats can be in a loafer style or just a basic casual ballet flat. Some brands of casual flats that can flatter any outfit are Hush Puppies, Franco Sarto, and for kids try Chooze Kids. Casual flats can be a wonderful travel shoe. The basic and comfortably of a casual flat is a great choice for wearing when going through the airport to catch a flight or getting off the plane in a beautiful location. Casual flats are what comfort is in travel wear. You can go to any continent in style with casual flats.

Dress flats are nice alternate way to feel like a woman without having sore feet from high heels that are too high.  An adorable cardigan, a basic skirt and a colorful pair of ballet flats can go from a day of work to a night out on the town. Dress flats can even be an alternative to wearing a silver or gold high heel with formal dresses. Instead of wearing the formal dress, with too high of a heel, for that special occasion try a gold , silver or the perfect color match in a nice dress ballet flat.  Dress flat brands to try are Lucky, Clark’s of England and LifeStride. Have fun nights in dress flats. A great pair of flats can be a great addition to any closet! Wear flats and make your feet smile!


By:  Tiffini Taylor

How to choose the right shoe for you?  This is a question everyone has asked themselves at some point. Choosing the right shoe can be an exciting experience. To choose a shoe correctly, one should know what one is looking for. If you want a shoe that shows your personality or if you want a shoe that is a basic, practical shoe for everyday wear.  Knowing what you want before trying to find the right shoe will make finding it a little easier. If you are looking for style over everything else, then look through the most recent fashion magazines. If you are looking for a practical shoe, then you will need to know what your needs in shoe wear are. Whether you are looking for boots, heels, flats, or sneakers, Houser Shoes has a great selection of all styles and in many colors to choose from.

Flats are a great way to have comfort for any day or night. Choosing the right pair of flats is not as easy as one would think though. Decisions that need made when choosing the right flat can be from what color is best to what kind of detail should I have on them. Details such as a ballet flat with a bow, sequins, or flower. Deciding on what color or pattern to go with is another decision to be made when choosing the right flat for you. Try a brand like B.O.C. by Born or a brand like Easy Street Women’s Rutland Moc.  These are some of the things to think about when choosing flats. When choosing a pair of heels, knowing what size of heel to get is an important detail. If it is for day wear for work, you may want to stick with a lower heel size such as Life Stride Women’s Jater. If it is height for a night out then a high heel like Pierre Dumas Women’s Favorite Red Patent. Choosing the right heel can be wonderfully fun with many colors to choose from.

Boots are the hottest fashion this Autumn. Choosing the right boot can be an adventurous an exciting time. This is the season of the boot, which means even more to choose from. You will need to know what kind of boot you are looking for. What are your needs when it comes to boots? Do you want an ankle boot, a knee boot, or a cowboy boot? Answering these questions can make choosing the right boot. Brands such as UGG Australia, Rieker, Steve Madden, Bare Traps, and Ariat have wonderful style for your needs. Boots can be fun and in many different colors.  Choosing the right sneakers is an important part of anyone’s life. Knowing what and why you are needing a pair will make finding a pair much easier. Brands such as Sketchers, Easy Spirit and Nunn Bush are some to look for. The quality of these brands of sneakers will sure to please. Houser Shoes has many brands, styles , and colors to choose from when it comes to choosing the right shoe with great quality. Think about what you want and need, then come shopping!


By:  Tiffini Taylor

The hottest color of the autumn season is cobalt blue!  Or at least that is according to the fashion magazines, newspapers, fashion runway shows, a couple of designers, and the Internet.

So, what about all the other colors of autumn?  That is what I am here for, I enjoy fall. Fall can be a wonderful time of the year for enjoying the beauty of the outside world. Many different colors and color combinations come from the beauty of nature. Fall is the best time to go and explore all colors, not just the one that the so-called fashion experts say too.  I am not saying that it is wrong to have a most popular color each season, all I am suggesting is not to forget about the other colors.

Let’s begin our journey today with what to wear when going to one of many exciting fall festivals. Ankle boots have come in with a big bang since last season. An assortment of styles and colors are available at Houser Shoes. A lovely pair of suede ankle boots, such as Clark’s of England in women’s desert oak, will sure to please a nice cardigan set with slacks. A lovely afternoon look to walk through an arts and crafts fall festival in. Another great look for a fall festival is a pair of grey jeans , a button up blouse , and the shoe wear should be bold, try French Kiss women’s Tiffany orange, or other color. Change the button up blouse for a sweater and you will be warm all through the winter months too. The ankle boot can carry throughout winter , so you will get plenty of wear out of them.

Cowboy boots are hot, hot,  hot  this fall! Find a Fall barn dance and get your groove on. A jean skirt, a checkered blouse , paired with  colorful cowboy boots will make a great fall party outfit. Houser shoes has brands such as  Laredo, Justin’s, Bare Traps, Ariat, Dan Post, and Old West cowboy boots in basic, classic and colorful styles. Jeans , a white t-shirt and a jacket with fringe , paired with a pair of Old West cowboy boots will make any fall festival outing a fun time. Cowboy boots come in one solid color or get a little funky with a multi-colored pair, which make them an awesome choice for this fall. Another plus for cowboy boots is that they can be carried over into the winter season also.

Fall means the changing of the foliage and so why not take advantage of the colors that nature provides. Fall is the beginning of the big holiday season and ending of summer. Fall is meant to be a changing into one wardrobe season from another wardrobe season, remember that color is important. Color can make your day brighter during a rainfall or cloudy day. Wearing colorful shoes is a way to show your personality and can make your mood better. Go out this fall and have fun!