Houser Shoes is known for having a large selection of quality shoes in all different styles, which includes athletic footwear for men and women.. Everyone needs a good, durable and quality pair of athletic footwear at some point, Houser Shoes will have what you need. If you are going to school , university or just needing athletic footwear to exercise in, Houser Shoes is the place to look.  Athletic shoes are not only for athletes and have become a fashion style for all. Athletic shoes can come in any color and style that you desire to help let your personality shine through. One brand that is hip and stylish in athletic footwear is Adidas.

Adidas brand is just one of the many athletic shoe brands at Houser Shoes. Adidas began in the year 1948 in Germany. It is a shoe brand with a long history of durability and quality. During the middle to latter part of the 1980’s , Adidas came back in athletic shoes with a big bang. It was made popular again by Run D.M.C.  they were a rap group that wore Adidas shoes in music videos. Since then, the momentum has continued with Adidas.  Adidas has made different style statements in street fashion and on fashion runways for years, and will continue in years to come.

There are many different fashionable colors of Adidas to choose from at Houser Shoes. Adidas has combined different color combinations in the making of their athletic shoes to go with many different styles and personalities. Houser Shoes will have the Adidas in the styles that fit in with your personality. From a classic and basic black and white color combination to a vibrant red and black combination, Adidas has the color of you.  Adidas is a comfortable athletic shoe that is a great every day fashion for all. Adidas can help bring that track suit out of the gym and onto the sidewalk and park with ease. If you enjoy shopping, a great comfortable shoe is important on long trips to shops and Adidas is great for walking.

With Autumn in full swing now, many of us will be going to all different kinds of Fall Festivities. A good shoe to walk in is a must have for the outings. Pair a basic pair of Adidas in black and white with jeans, a white t-shirt, a black cardigan , put on a lovely statement necklace and grab and where a black and white striped fedora as you are heading out to the fun Fall Festival. A simple look but will sure to bring out your personality. A basic idea for a great Fall outfit for any casual occasion is jeans, preferably in a dark wash, a t-shirt and a cardigan in any color , and a great colorful pair of colorful Adidas will let your personality shine.  Enjoy the comfort, colors, and quality of Adidas at Houser Shoes.

Clark’s of England

By:  Tiffini Taylor

Houser Shoes has many quality shoe brands to choose from. To know what a good shoe is, it is to be knowledgeable of that particular brand of shoe. When looking for a good quality shoe, one must be realistic about what one is looking for in a shoe. One may look for comfort, quality, durability, or practicality when choosing a shoe. One may look for a certain style or even a certain look and color when choosing a shoe. Many brands offer a wide variety of styles of shoes, knowing about what shoe fits one’s need will help in choosing the best brand for one’s needs.

Clark’s of England has been in the shoe industry for a little over two-hundred years. Clark’s of England began in 1825 by two brothers in Somerset, England. The company came to the North American shores in 1977 with huge demands for the shoes.  Clark’s of England is a shoe brand known for its comfort, durability, and quality. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has proven over and over again that quality can last for years to come. The shoe industry is always changing with different styles each season. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has lasted through all season’s style changes. Clark’s of England is a shoe brand that has built its name on quality and durability. Houser Shoes recognizes the quality and durability in Clark’s of England brand of shoes.

Houser Shoes has Clark’s of England brand shoes from casual to dress styles to choose from. If you need an everyday shoe to run errands in or if you need a dress shoe to where to work every day, Clark’s of England brand will have a shoe to choose from for these needs.  So many styles to choose from the brand at Houser Shoes you are sure to find the perfect pair. The season is autumn and the leaves are changing colors, it is the weather to take long walks and enjoy all its beauty. A pair of Clark’s of England Women’s Desert oak suede, paired with your favorite jeans and a checkered blouse and go enjoy all that autumn has to offer.  For men, try Clark’s of England Men’s Armada Spanish tan, your favorite khakis and a nice striped button up shirt for a casual day out. Night time can be a time to spend with your loved one, have a nice romantic date. Pull out your little black dress and match with a pair of Clark’s of England Women’s Ingalis Thames ankle boots , you will be stylish and ready for a night out on the town.

Whichever style of Clark’s of England brand shoe you choose, you will find a quality shoe. Comfortable, durable and quality is what has made Clark’s of England a must have brand for any wardrobe throughout the year. Enjoy knowing that you will be in style and have a great, long-lasting, quality brand of shoe. Shop knowing that at Houser Shoes you can find wonderful styles and quality brands like Clark’s of England.

Caring for Leather

By:  Tiffini Taylor

Leather is the most common material for shoes. Leather is a durable and sturdy material for shoes to be made from. Having a beautiful pair of leather pumps is a business woman’s must have; most all dress shoes for businessmen are made of leather. Leather boots are a must have for this Autumn. Leather shoes will last for a long, long time, if taken care of properly. How to take care of leather shoes properly is good knowledge, especially if you want to keep a good, comfortable pair for more than one season.  Leather is a great material for many items, leather shoes are a reliable footwear fashion for many different occasions.

Caring for leather is a process that can begin at the manufacturing of the leather item or at the shoe cobbler facility. The shoe cobbler can put a protective coating to help in weatherproofing the leather shoe. This will help in the longevity and durability of the shoes.  A weatherproof coating can also be applied after purchasing the leather shoes.  Many shoes weatherproof coatings come in a spray can for easy application. Other weatherproof coatings can come in an easy to use polish style to rub on to the leather shoes. Always let your leather shoes dry before coating them with any kind of cleaning product or weatherproofing product. Always read the instructions on the containers and follow them. They were put there to help maintain the beauty of the shoes for an extended amount of time. It is best to apply the weatherproofing product as soon as the leather shoe is taken out of the shoe box. This will help in a longer wear for the shoes also.

After weatherproofing them and wearing them for the first time, when taking them off hang them on a shoe tree. This will help the leather shoe maintain their shape and form, so the leather shoe will last a longtime. When choosing a good shoe tree, look for a cedar shoe tree- it is the kind that most shoe cobblers will recommend. Caring for leather shoes is important for your feet. Leather shoes can be terrible for your feet if you do not take care of them properly. Soles of leather shoes need to be properly taken care of to help in wearing of the shoes for extended periods of time and for more than one season. When taking care of the soles of your shoes this in turn will help in the protection of your feet. Eventually soles of shoes may need to be replaced, there are many shoe repair options to choose from.

When caring for leather shoes, there are leather shoe kits available. These kits come with more instructions to take care of your leather shoes properly. Follow these instructions and your leather shoes will last for as long as you want them to. To help maintain the beauty and shine of your leather shoes , shoe shine polish is available and there are still shoe shine stands around different areas to visit. At and Houser Shoes there is a quality to each shoe sold and whatever Houser Shoes can help with , Houser Shoes will.  Remember that a pair of shoes covers your feet and your feet do many activities and need protected. Leather shoes offer great protection and will last a long amount of time when properly taken care of.

How To Take Care Of Suede

By:  Tiffini Taylor

Autumn is a lovely time of the year to wear your most comfortable pair of suede shoes, but how do you take care of them?   Suede shoes are a classic for Fall fashion ever since Elvis Presley sung “Blue Suede Shoes”.  Times and styles have changed quite a bit since then, but suede shoes are still an easy, beautifully elegant fashion for Fall. Suede is a durable and lovely material that needs special attention when owning a pair of suede shoes. has a wonderful selection of suede shoes, in both men’s and women’s styles, to choose from.

Suede shoes are usually made with a special coating to protect them from the environmental elements. There are many kinds of spray coatings you can get to help protect them, too. This is the first step in protecting suede and this should be applied first thing after purchase. When wearing suede try to avoid wearing in rain and snow, suede last longer when not getting wet all the time. This is an important piece of knowledge to know but with the best quality protective coatings being used on suede shoes, it has become a very rarely used idea.  Mother Nature doesn’t care if you are wearing suede shoes, so weather will never cooperate with suede shoes. The best idea is to wear your suede and look great. Then when you get home, you can prepare your suede for the next outing. Some suede shoes come with care instructions that help to know the best way to take care of your suede. Sometimes there is even a shoe label or it will come in the shoe box. This is important to locate and read.

To clean suede, one must make sure that the suede is dry. There is a cleaning brush that is specially made for suede that you can get to use on the suede. This brush will come in a special suede cleaning kit, and there will also be very helpful instructions in the kit too.  Follow the instructions of you have a suede shoe cleaning kit; be sure to check for any special instructions on the shoe label or in the shoe box. Suede is harder to clean because it is extremely sensitive to water this is also why it is important to clean the shoe once it is dry. The suede shoe cleaning kit will tell you to use gentle brush strokes and to go in the same direction. This is to take off any layer of dirt that builds up on the suede.

A common happening to suede shoes is scuff marks. Most scuff marks can be easily removed with a bit of fast brushing back and forth, this also calls for patience.   A scuff mark that seems to not want to come off easily, you may want to try an eraser to get the scuff mark off. Water stains can be cleaned by soaking the excess water off the shoe and letting it dry, only after this shall you use your suede brush for the stain. Always let your suede shoe dry before cleaning them. When you step in chewing gum, it is never a good day, you can place your shoes in the freezer for a while before you clean them and the gum will harden and you can clean them much easier. Ink pens can be another hazard for suede, but the best way to conquer is to clean the ink stain before it sets.  Blot the stain, you can use sandpaper after blotting to remove the stain easily. Use the sandpaper lightly though, this is not wood it is suede.  When stains give you too much trouble then you can a small amount of vinegar on a towel to blot it onto the stain, and then let it dry and continue to clean the stain off. Steel wool is another good stain remover of suede; just make sure it is a dry stain before using lightly. Suede can be cleaned with an emery board and steam. The steam can heat and help in lifting the stain off the suede. Remember to use the emery board lightly.  Now, go fourth and wear your beautiful suede this Autumn!


By:  Tiffini Taylor

Accessorizing is the best compliment to give you a finished look. When accessorizing, do not over do it. When most people think of accessories its jewelry. It isn’t only jewelry, accessorizing includes hosiery, colored tights, purses, bags, and hats.  In the past few years colored tights have come back into fashion with a bang, purses are from big too little, bags have become everything from backpacks to weekender totes, and hats are even popular again. Wearing lady like gloves have even become a popular accessorize again. The process of accessorizing an outfit is a great way to boost your confidence and make your personality shine. There is a way to accessorize to help accent your entire outfit including your shoes. At there are plenty of items to choose to accessorize your best outfits.

When you get ready for an event or special occasion, how you accessorize can say a lot about who you are. If you over accessorize you, some people may feel like you have a cluttered look, this is not a big problem to change, this is an easy fix.  Before you go out the door take one piece of jewelry off, you may have heard this before, but it is very true and helps to edit an over accessorized outfit. Another way to fix an over accessorized outfit is to edit it early, before you need to get dressed, take time a little before and try the outfit on , then study yourself in the mirror and began to edit your look. Once this editing is accomplished take the outfit off and put it all together as a finished look, this way you will save the time by having the outfit together and makes getting ready for that  special event easier. Always edit an outfit from head to toe.

Finding the right outfit is not difficult; finding the right shoe for that particular outfit is not difficult.  This is a great time in fashion to find great shoes in many colors. This is also a great time in fashion to find the perfect pair of black or brown shoe that is basic for everyday. The best way to accessorize any outfit is with a wonderful pair of shoes. A beautiful pair of black or brown ankle boot paired with colored tights, a jean skirt and a checkered blouse and a solid cardigan is a great, fashionable outfit for autumn.  For an evening look, no lady can go wrong with a little black dress. This year change up your look with a colorful shoe or try fishnets with your little black dress. Never pair fishnets and colorful shoes, unless it is a costume for a play or musical,  if both are paired together , it can be an awful fashion mistake.

Another great way to accessorize is finding the right purse or bag. For students, there are great and colorful backpacks to choose from. Backpack brands to look for include Jansport and Bagallini. Purse brands that are great with different outfits include, Anuschka Abstract, Ameribag and Bagallini. The most important accessory to remember is to be you. Keep it simple and have fun!

Dance and Homecoming Shoes


Autumn means back to school and that means school dances and homecoming!  You found the perfect dress , now find the perfect shoe at Don’t worry, men’s shoes are here to go with that tux.  It can be hard finding just the right and perfect dress for a dance ladies, so with many shoes to choose from this part is made easy.  For formal dances ladies have a choice between flats and high or low heels.  The kitten heel has made a major come back to fashion this Fall , ballet flats are always a great comfortable choice, and high heels makes all us ladies a little taller. Whatever your dress or personal style, finding the perfect formal shoe is all about you.

The flats this season are many colors and many styles. Flats are a comfortable and classy choice for any style.  To find a pair of formal flats it is important to look for elegance and a comfortable pair. This is so your feet will be good to dance all night. Metallic flats are always a great choice in formal footwear, basic black is always a good choice, choose an orange or pink ballet flat to go with your little black dress. Silver or gold flats can make any dress sparkle throughout the night. Some brands to look for to dance the night away are: Jessica Simpson, Cobb Hill, Clarks of England, Sketchers, Life Stride, Rachel Shoes, and Dansko. Flats make any feet feel better throughout the night.

Kitten heels or a low heel is a smart choice if you just want a little lift.  Kitten heels are all over for the Fall fashion. A formal dress shoe with a low heel is the best choice that someone who wants to have a little flare to their dress without being wobbly in a pair of extremely to high heels can make. Formal low heels can make your feet comfortable and make you feel like you have on a high heel. Formal low heels are elegant and can come in a multiple array of colors. There are many styles of formal low heeled dress shoes to choose from. Some are round toed, some are pointed toed and some are opened toed. Some brands to look for a formal low heel or kitten heel are:  Life Stride, Bernie Mev, Easy Street, Easy Spirit, John Fashion, and Cole Hann. The formal low heel makes for a nice elegant choice to dance anywhere at any time.

High heels are a girl’s best shoe for formal occasions. High heels can come in many styles and colors. Find a comfortable pair of high heels is the best advice I can give. Although, if you are not sure about the high heels there is always take a pair of nice, elegant, comfortable flats along to change into after a few hours. Actually, when wearing a high heel it is very good for your feet to have a pair of back-up flats to change into after a few hours.  A couple of brands to look for are:  Chinese Laundry and Pierre Dumas. Be comfortable!

Formal shoes are the best in something comfortable.  Guys can choose from brands like Clark’s of England and Bass. The important thing to think about when choosing a formal shoe , other than the color of the dress, is to find one that fits your personal style and that is comfortable. Remember, shoe inserts. Go have fun, be safe, and dance all night!

Boots! Boots! Boots

Houser Shoes - Women's Boots

2013 Boots in Fashion

Boots, boots and more boots! This Autumn’s hottest fashion is boots.  Boots are on everyone’s fashion list this season. Many styles, colors, and kinds to choose from, Houser Shoes is the place to find the perfect pair. When you are trying to figure out how to bring your Fall wardrobe into fashion, it is simple, a great pair of boots is the way to go.  Many of us want to buy that one major fashion trend each season, the boot is the greatest item to buy this Autumn season. Reason #1 to choose the boot:  it will carry over into the Winter season;  reason  #2 to choose the boot:  it will go with everything if chosen wisely;  and reason #3 to choose the boot:  you can use them next year and so on. There are many styles of boots this season including:  cowboy boots,  biker style boots, ankle boots, mid-calf boots, thigh-high boot, knee boots,  dress and casual boots.

The ankle boot is a fashion trend that is carried over from the Spring and Summer. The ankle boot is a great choice because of its versatility- it can be a casual or dress boot. The ankle boot has no limitations on colors or styles. There are red , black, blue, brown, white, pink, orange colors of ankle boots and the ankle boots can be round-toed, pointed-toe, or even open-toed this Autumn.  Brands to look for are:   French Kiss, Franco Sarto, Georgia Men’s, Clark’s of England, Timberland, Dr. Marten’s , and Wolverine.  Find an ankle boot that fits your lifestyle and personality.

The mid-calf, knee-high, thigh-high boot is a versatile choice that can fit into any lifestyle and into any wardrobe.  The mid-calf and knee-high boot is the best option in this category as far as a great functional stylish boot.  While the thigh-high boot is best with for a special occasion boot. Many styles with high or low heels, even wedge heels are  popular this Autumn season. Different colors will bring a coolness to any wardrobe, and can be an adventurous choice for many wardrobes.  Many brands are offered with many styles and colors to choose from. Some brands are:  Life Stride, Frye, Stride Rite, UGG  Australia, Muck, Clark’s of England, Chooze, Dr. Marten’s, Minnetonka, Born,  Arturo Chiang, Bare Traps, Pierre Dumas, and  Franco Sarto.  Pick suede or leather and let your personal style shine.

Cowboy boots is on every fashion shopping list this Autumn. The fashion popularity of the cowboy boot has been seen on many runways and even popular television shows. Cowboy boots are not just for the old west anymore!  There are many colors and styles to choose from this Fall from many top quality brands like,  Laredo, Justin , Old West Boots, Ariat, Dan Post, Corral Boot, and  Irish Setter.  So, saddle up with a pair of cowboy boots this Fall.

The biker style boot has come around and has lasted as a very popular fashion style over this past few years. It proves that the biker style boot is not just for outlaws anymore. A great way to wear a biker boot is your favorite pair of jeans, a nice, simple t-shirt and a light, little leather jacket. Some brands to look for in the biker style boot are: Life Stride, Born, Cobb Hill, Muck, and Frye. Biker boots can be a great fashion statement with a long skirt and cardigan set too!

When looking for the perfect boot for your Autumn wardrobe , look for your personal style in the boot itself. Everyone’s style  is different and that is what is so wonderful about this planet. Choose the boots that fit your style and your needs.  Have fun and enjoy Autumn!


by:  Tiffini Taylor

The leaves are changing, the air is a little cooler, and Labor Day has past. What does this all mean? It means Autumn is upon us and it is time for a shoe wear change. What are you doing this Fall? Going to Fall festivals, taking time to enjoy the beauty of color changing leaves, or going trick or treating in October. All of these activities have one thing in common, that is the casual shoe. Casual shoes are for comfort and can be a tennis shoe, a ballet flat, boots, or a loafer style.

When the air gets that morning chill, a great pair of loafers will be a comfortable choice for the day ahead. Whether you are going to a weekend Autumn festival or just going to work, loafers now come in a variety of colors and styles. A great pair of loafers can last from season to season and for years to come. Some great brands to try is Life Stride, Bass, Sperry, Pierre Dumas, Rockport, Sketchers, Johnston & Murphy’s, and Clarks of England.  The basic black or brown loafer goes great with khaki’s and a polo, just add a nice jacket to defend against the cool Autumn breeze. What better way to spend the day but in a comfortable pair of shoes from Houser Shoes.

Boots are on all the runways this Fall. Boots are the staple fashion item of this Fall. Any style or color will do. Gone are the days that boots are just for winter. Boots can bring a bit of flair to any outfit, especially if you are courageous and decide to go for colorful boots. Ankle boots, knee boots, calf boots, thigh-high boots, and cowboy boots are all great for this Autumn. Boot brands that are popular are:  Ariat, Laredo, Dr. Martens, Frye, Corral Boot, Minnetonka, UGG Australia, Pierre Dumas, Cobb Hill, Georgia Boots, Magnum, Old West, Muck, Chooze, Wolverine, Cole Haan, Clarks of England, Born, Irish Setter, Rocky, Timberland, Justin’s, Franco Sarto,  and Arturo Chiang. Autumn 2013 is the season of the boots!

Pull out your favorite pair of jeans and  t-shirt, grab a cardigan sweater and find your funky little ballet flat – the perfect outfit.  The ballet flat has been around for quite a while in fashion and will not be going away anytime soon. This is great because as every woman who has spent one hour in uncomfortable stilettos, the ballet flat has made our lives better and more comfortable. Many colors and many styles, with plenty to choose from every lady should have at least one pair of this must have style.  Some of these cute and spicy brands are Easy Street, Union Bay, Franco Sarto, and Pierre Dumas. Ballet flats are great in October when you are looking for that perfect pumpkin with a loved one.

The tennis shoe. Where would this world be without the tennis shoe? Autumn is a great time to wear tennis shoes, pair with jeans and a light sweater and go on that walk to check out the beauty of color of leaves. Besides, tennis shoes are great to rake leaves in and then jump into the pile of leaves! offers some great brands of tennis shoes such as:  Adidas, Sketchers, New Balance, Asics, Easy Spirit, K-Swiss, Converse, Grasshoppers, DC Shoes, and Keen.  Have fun in the leaves!

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the community in which you live. A great pair of casual shoes can be comfortable and let you enjoy the beauty of the leaves falling in all different colors. Fall is a time to visit Autumn festivals and discover new crafts , and apple butter.  Enjoy yourself this Autumn!


Summer is ending and it is time to look back on the most popular styles of  summer shoes. What will carry over into Autumn and what is best to wear next summer. To begin with, many styles come and go throughout the different seasons, some are good and some will never be worn again. It is important in any season to shop for quality as well as style. This is where Houser Shoes can help. Whatever your personal style is , choosing the shoes to match your own personal style is always the best option. This summer there has been many designs of shoes to choose from. There is the always stylish sandals, ballet flats, sneakers and high heels.  There has been the return of the ankle boot for summer and nice wedge heels, too.

Sandals will be around for more summers to come. Sandals, including flip flops, have always been a staple in summer style. Coming in many different colors and styles, sandals offer a nice , comfortable, easy style that has always been perfect for the hot, lazy days of summertime. Sandals are easy to carry over into next summer, the summer after next summer , and so on and so forth. Basically, sandals will always be the best way for your feet to spend their summer days and nights in. Brands like Sanuk, Soda, Teva, B.O.C. by Born, Stacy Adams, Alegria, Dansko, Nunn Bush, Keen , Rainbow Sandals, Mephisto, Lifestride, Taos, Chaco, Chooze, Reef,  and Birkenstock will always make summer memories.

Summer is ending and a great style to carry into Autumn is ballet flats. Comfortable and cute, ballet flats are the go to shoe for many on the go. Ballet flats are great to wear on that special summer date night with a long, flowing dress.  In Fall , pair ballet flats with jeans and a simple t-shirt and great purse and you are sure to turn heads.  Ballet flats come in a multitude of colors, designs,  and styles now, so you can always find your favorites.  Nice brands like Union Bay, Easy Street, Franco Sarto, and Pierre Dumas are great for Summer fairs and Fall festivals.

Sneakers let you play, they let you do all the activities you want to participate in year round. Sneakers, tennis shoes, or whatever you choose to call them are the one shoe everyone wants and has a need for throughout the year.. Some good brands to look for are Easy Spirit, Skechers, Fila, Adidas, New Balance and Brooks. Having a good pair of sneakers can make your wardrobe complete.

High heels can go into each season, even the colored high heels and stilettos. In many styles, summer will always be a great season for these shoes. Simple summer dresses and high heels are great for any summer occasion, whether it is a night out with friends or a romantic date with a loved one. Brands of high heels to look for include  Pierre Dumas, Easy Spirit , and Chinese Laundry. A good, comfortable pair of high heels is a great addition to any closet.

Wedges have been becoming more and more popular as each summer passes. Every woman should have a nice , funky pair of wedges for summer, they make a great party shoe. Wedges look good with a pair of  Bermuda shorts or a nice, simple summer dress. In Autumn, a nice closed toe wedge heel can offer comfortable alternative to stiletto heels. A brand to try is Bare Traps. Wedge sandals come in as many colors and heel heights that you can think of. This is why the wedge will carry on for summers to come.

Ankle Boots have come to summertime. Ankle boots, instead of putting them into the closet until Fall , fashion grabbed them and put them as the  must have fashion of summertime. This will makes it easy going into Autumn because ankle boots are already in our closets.  Ankle boots have been worn with jean skirts, maxi dresses, capri’s and shorts this summer. Ankle boots are here to stay all throughout this year. Great ankle boots come in brands such as Clarks of England,  Cole Hann, and Soda. Ankle boots in Autumn will look good with jeans or dresses.

Summer means beaches, pools, Bar B-Que’s,  and vacations , wearing shoes for all occasions and not getting sun burnt. Summer blues of mine will be missing open toed sandals, but ballet flats, high heels, sneakers, and ankle boots will help me throughout the Autumn. I have enjoyed summer.  I don’t like to see summer go , but knowing some of my summer shoes can be carried over into Autumn make it a little easier. Happy Summertime!