Vacation Road

Summer is almost here and families everywhere are planning their vacation. Families will be taking off to vacation spots around the globe. From amusement parks to exotic locations such as Bangkok, parents, accompanied by their kids, will be invading hotels around the world. If you have ever traveled with kids, you know that the use of the word “invading” is an appropriate one. Travel with little ones isn’t always easy, but there are certain things that can make your fun filled vacation more comfortable for all involved. Not every family has to end up like the Griswold’s with your family truckster being catapulted into the air in the middle of the desert.

One of the most important decisions a parent can make on these often extended trips is the decision to place comfortable shoes not only on their feet, but the feet of their children. Children seem to be very sensitive to certain styles of shoes, seams that may be around the toe and those ever dreaded blisters on heels. Walking is a necessity on most vacations and what parent wants to add to the weight of their already bag carrying, slouching shoulders by carrying a five-year old because their shoes hurt their feet. carries brands that will eradicate the shoe problems before they occur. Keen, Teva and Chaco are three brands that are made with comfort and adventure in mind. These brands are suitable for the beach as well as any rocky terrain or an amusement park takeover.

Keen offers a large selection of family footwear made for any terrain the family encounters. Not only does Keen support your feet, Keen also supports your life which the company refers to as Hybridlife. The Hybridlife encourages families to care for each other and the world around them. Keen shoes offer an S3 Heel Support and Metatomical foot beds to support and cushion feet. Their innovative sandal with the bumper toe and non -slip sole is a favorite of parents.  As Keen believes, “play anywhere without a ceiling” and “bring recess back”!

Teva believes they have two fundamental responsibilities: “To Play and Protect”. Since the first Teva shoe 30 years ago, the team at Teva maintains what they see as their responsibility and continues to develop a product that enables and encourages adventure. With the knowledge and experience of the hazards of water, Teva sport sandals provide soles made of “Spider Rubber” which prevents slipping on wet or icy surfaces. If your vacation takes you to an area where water will be a focus, Teva sport sandals are an ideal fit for your family.

Chaco sandals offer a multitude of styles and colors. The curvature of the Chaco footbed is called a “LUVSEAT™” which properly supports and aligns your feet and body. Chaco’s “LUVSEAT” carries with it the APMA Seal of acceptance which is intended to raise awareness to products of exceptional quality and made with comfort and support in mind. The only big decision in buying a pair of Chaco sandals is deciding on the seemingly never ending selection of styles and colors for your family. Family vacations are not only a vacation, but an adventure, and Chaco sandals are “Fit for Adventure”.

Whatever types of shoes you decide on for your family and memory making vacation, offers the brands and selections you desire. With one stop shopping online with, the ease of putting your family in appropriate footwear is one less thing to worry about before hitting the “Holiday Road”!

A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day is fast approaching and people will be taking to the roadways, river ways and beaches to celebrate. We owe a debt of gratitude for this 3 day weekend to those who have fought to insure this freedom.

Traditionally thought of as the start of Summer, sometimes the real meaning of Memorial Day gets lost in vacations and the multitude of commercial bargains available on that last weekend in May. Memorial Day dates back to the Civil War when “The Ladies of the South” decorated the graves of fallen confederate soldiers with poppies. To knowledge known today, the “Buddy” Poppy Program is still carried on by VFW Posts selling poppies made by America’s Disabled Veterans. Although Memorial Day is still observed throughout the country, it’s observance is somewhat diminished. Originally, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30, but due to the National Holiday Act of 1971, Congress passed to move the holiday to the last Monday in May providing for a 3-Day weekend. Many thought that this change undermined the real meaning of Memorial Day and Americans became nonchalant as to the true meaning of the day. It is asked today, that at 3:00pm on Memorial Day, that Americans take a moment from whatever they may be doing to observe a moment of silence to those that serve(d) in remembrance.

Discount Women's Shoes online

In observance of the 3 day weekend, many retailers remember the men and women that continue to facilitate free enterprise in this country. is no exception. While remembering the true meaning of this day, offers savings and specials for the entire family. With Monday being the start of summer, offers sandals in many styles and colors for men, women, and children.

The soldiers that continue to fight not only fight for our rights, but fight a continual battle to keep their feet in dry socks and well-fitting shoes. With, this should not be a battle for the families left at home. With so many brands and styles of shoes available and the ease of ordering online, no one should be in ill-fitting shoes. Current members will be getting an email with something as well as all of our Social Network friends on Facebook and Twitter.

While marching out to your Memorial Day Celebration on this Day of Remembrance, remember your feet and visit, “Big Store, tiny prices”.

Happy Feet

With warm weather approaching and being on the heels of summer, more people are looking for sandals. There are so many different styles of sandals. From Flip Flops to dressy sandals, the varieties of sandals seem to be never ending. How do you know if the type of sandals you choose are actually good for your feet?

Houser’s Shoes carries multiple lines of sandals that have built in support that are made to take the pressure off those common problem areas, feet, ankles and knees. Two brands, out of many, come to mind. Alegria and Orthaheel.

Alegria shoes are made with comfort in mind, especially for women that are on their feet for extended periods of time. The design of Alegria is made with a “rocker sole” to roll naturally while walking. This design promotes perfect posture and helps alleviate stress on your muscles, joints and back.

Alegria enhances the shoe experience by using latex and memory foam along with cork to add to the comfort and a custom fit. In addition to the orthotic benefits, Alegria shoes come in a rainbow of colors and styles. Houser’s Shoes carries many of Alegria styles for women that will add the comfort you are looking for whether you are on your feet all day, or wearing them for a stroll through the neighborhood.

Orthaheel is another line that incorporates comfort with style. Created and designed by a Podiatrist, Orthaheel provides the support and comfort needed to prevent pain in common problem areas. With orthotic technology based on the foot walking on natural surfaces, Orthaheel creates natural alignment throughout the knees, hips and lower back where problems are experienced by wearing improper footwear. Houser’s Shoes carries Orthaheel sandals for women from very casual to being dressy enough to wear to the most elegant of summer parties.

With the materials available to today’s shoemaker, there is no reason for men, women or children to experience pain due to an improper fitting shoe or sandal. Houser Shoes carries multiple sandal lines for the entire family to walk in comfort together!

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Preferred Customer Program

Houser Shoes is very pleased to announce our Preferred Customer Program for Registered Internet Customers,

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How do you earn points?

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How do points earn you discounts?

Redeeming points is easy. Anytime your balance is 200 or more points you can use them at checkout time. They can be used with other discounts such as coupon codes (10% Off, etc.) as long as the total combined discounted amount is not more than 50% of the product total.

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Leave Your Footprint on Mother’s Day with a New Pair of Shoes

Thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis from Gafton, West Virgina, Mother’s Day is a nationally and internationally recognized holiday. Anna first started campaigning for Mother’s Day to be a recognized holiday in 1908, but didn’t succeed in her goal until 1914. Anna wanted a way to memorialize her mother and achieved her goal, although became somewhat disappointed in the holiday by the 1920’s due to the increased commercialism of the holiday.

Mother’s Day is celebrated today by the giving of cards, gifts and other tokens of appreciation and remembrance. Gifts can range from flowers to dinners to purses and shoes. An old nursery rhyme talks about a woman and her children:

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,

She had so many children she didn’t know what to do…”

Looking at this nursery rhyme, shoes have always played an important part in a mother’s life. Maybe not the importance as in the nursery rhyme, but, what mother wouldn’t love a new pair of shoes? Whether fashionable, practical, for work or play, the comfort and feeling of a new pair of shoes would make any mother happy!

The huge selection of name brand, discounted shoes are available at Houser’s Shoes 7 days a week. You can shop for your mother’s shoes in one of the many locations, or you can shop in the comfort of your home online. No one beats their prices on so many top name brand shoes. And not just for your mother! The entire family can find the shoes they want or need. Houser’s Shoes would have been the place for that old woman that lived in a shoe to go in order to get all of her kid’s shoes. With Early Bird specials that offer an extra discount running from 8am until 11 am in their store locations the Saturday before Mother’s Day, Mom is sure to be happy with a new pair of shoes for the entire family. And while shopping for shoes, why not grab a new purse for Mom?

By showing your appreciation for Mom this Mother’s Day and shopping at Houser’s Shoes, every time Mom puts on her new shoes, she will be reminded of the love and thoughtfulness she receives from her entire family and your footprint will forever be left on her heart.