From Dansko to Sperry: Holiday Gift Ideas for Fashion-Forward Men and Women

Dansko Shoes

Finding the perfect holiday gift for that special someone on your list is challenging. Whatever you buy has to be something useful, but also something they’ll totally love. When you are shopping for a fashion-conscious person, your gift needs to be perfectly in step with the latest trends as well.

If there’s one thing stylish people have in common, it’s a deep appreciation for a new pair of shoes, no matter how many they already have in their closet. The following are just a few great ideas they’re guaranteed to love.

1.      Dansko Clogs

In case you haven’t you heard, clogs aren’t just for gardeners, nurses, and grandmothers anymore. They’re currently one of the fashion world’s most sought-after footwear choices and with good reason. These days, it’s no longer enough for a shoe to look stylish. It also needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day.

When it comes to clogs, Dansko is everyone’s favorite brand, hands down. The Dansko name is synonymous with concepts like comfort, quality, and style. Not only are they supportive enough for even hard-working professionals like chefs and doctors to get through a busy shift, but they come in a dizzying array of gorgeous colors and patterns that trendsetters love.

2.      Converse Sneakers

All fashion lovers are different when it comes to how they broadcast their signature styles. Some people insist on looking like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine all the time. Others prefer a look that’s effortlessly cool. Everyone, no matter how chic or casual their style, relies on a trusty pair of sneakers.

Converse makes an excellent choice for gifts for a number of reasons. To begin with, Converse is an iconic brand that everyone adores. Their shoes are wearable all year round and fit comfortably to compliment any look. Converse sneakers are also highly collectible because of the sheer number of colors and styles they have produced over the years. Even if the person you’re buying for already has 20 pairs, you can bet they’re currently on the lookout for this season’s kicks.

Timberland Boots

3.      Timberland Boots

Do you have an outdoorsy type on your holiday shopping list? Does he or she firmly believe that the best way to stay in shape or get away from the stress is to visit a favorite hiking trail? You can bet this person is also on an ongoing mission to find boots that are sturdy enough to stand up to a long day in the woods and fashionable enough to look good the entire time.

That said, you’d be hard-pressed to find any outdoorsy enthusiast that doesn’t love Timberland boots. Timberlands are famous for their toughness and durability, even under the most challenging conditions. However, they’re also considered an essential fashionable wardrobe staple in many circles. Timberland makes amazing cross-trainers for men, women, and children so you can get a pair for everyone on your list.

4.      Anything Skechers

Perhaps the shoe lover in your life are a little more eclectic in their tastes. Maybe you’re not quite sure exactly what you’re looking for, but you’ll know it when you see it. You owe yourself a good, long look through the amazing catalog of shoes from Skechers.

Skechers is a global leader when it comes to concepts like performance, quality, and wearability. It’s also a brand name that comes attached to undeniable cool factor, so fashion-conscious people love it. Best of all, Skechers offers a stunning variety of sharp styles. You name it, and Skechers makes it—everything from cross-trainers to sleek slip-ons, to wedge-heeled boots.

Sperry Shoes and Boots

5.      Sperry Shoes and Boots

Another brand that’s strongly associated with iconic good looks and world-class quality is Sperry. It’s best known for its trademark boat shoes, but the Sperry catalog actually has a lot more to offer than you might think. You can definitely trust that anyone who loves shoes would be thrilled by a pair of Sperry’s for the holiday season.

Looking for something that will see them through even the coldest, dampest weather in total style? Try a pair of Sperry’s effortlessly cool duck boots!. Need something to help them round out their go-to collegiate look or to keep them comfortable while working on decks and docks? Go for a classic pair of boat shoes or lace-ups. At the end of the day, nothing makes a better gift than quality, and Sperry really delivers. Here at Houser Shoes, we have everything for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Brands We Love: Dansko

maroon dansko clog with embellishmentsIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of slipping your feet into a pair of Dansko shoes, you don’t need to be told that there’s just something special about this brand. Known for manufacturing some of the most comfortable shoes to be found anywhere in the world, Dansko can definitely be said to have taken the world by storm over the course of the last two decades.

It also goes almost without saying that behind every great brand famous for producing quality products people love, there’s an equally great story, and Dansko is certainly no exception. Here we’ll take a close look at this incredible company and introduce you to just a few of the many reasons Dansko will forever be a brand we love.  Continue reading

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