Favorite Outdoor Shoes for an Active Lifestyle

With spring knocking at our doors, it’s only natural to feel the longing for the great outdoors and dream of warm, sunny days. To get the best out of your outdoor experience, you need the right gear, including the proper footwear. We’ve put together our favorite outdoor shoes for the whole family to help you achieve and maintain an active lifestyle.

Women’s Outdoor Shoes

Brooks Women’s Dyad 9 $149.97

Are you looking to get outside and start running the roads? Have a marathon on your mind? The Dyad 9 from Brooks has a new streamlined silhouette and gives you more forefoot flexibility than previous models. With a 10mm midsole drop, this shoe is perfect for runners that need extra support when running. The shoe has an engineered mesh covering it, which gives the runner structure and stretch where they need it and enhances breathability. The Dyad 9 is available in two colors: Gray-Capri and Blue-Fuchsia. Continue reading

7 Staples of the Business Casual Wardrobe

Ladies, it’s a fundamental truth: How you dress in the morning can determine your whole day. Want to go out in your yoga pants and that old t-shirt? You can, but don’t expect to exude the same confidence you could have had dressed in a great pair of slim cut, dark wash jeans and three-quarter sleeve blouse that project your strength.

Here are some great staples to have in your closet to keep you looking strong and taking charge of your professional future.

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Top Shoe Trends from Fashion Week

top shoe trends from fashion weekThe catwalks at New York Fashion Week 2017 were graced with an array of colorful, funky shoes. Most were more whimsical than elegant, even though we did spot some very sophisticated and stylish heels. There is nothing understated about this year’s footwear. On the contrary, the footwear definitely complements this year’s often loose-fitting, colorful clothing lines.

There’s also good news for those of us who prefer flats rather than killer heels. The 2017 selection of flats are seriously eclectic. Continue reading

Winter Fashion for the Guy in Your Life

Women aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with personal style. Looking put together and participating in the latest fashion trends is just as important for men. However, even the smartest and stylish among us can use a little inspiration from time to time.

If you’re looking for some cool weather fashion ideas to get your favorite guy through what’s left of the cold weather, look no further. The following are just a few of the contemporary ensemble ideas we like best this season.

Man in snow wearing winter coat

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5 Perfect Looks to Show Off Spring Shoes

Now that we’ve finally begun to see the first signs of spring making an appearance, excitement is in the air. Snowfall is tapering off, and temperatures are starting to enter milder territory. The first birds, flowers, and green shoots are starting to appear. Before we know it, it will be time for picnics, egg hunts, and all the other fun events that go hand in hand with spring. Continue reading

5 New Casual Flats That Offer Comfort and Style

Brown leather loafersWhen it comes to footwear, there are a many staples to round out the wardrobe. However, when spring is just around the corner, we’re hard-pressed to think of any option we’re more deeply in love with than flats.

More than almost any other type of shoe, flats can do it all. They’re comfortable and casual enough for weekend wear but can be polished and professional enough for your favorite office looks as well. In other words, you can’t call your wardrobe complete until you own several pairs of flats. The following are just a few of the options we love most this season. Continue reading

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Running Shoes This Spring

Tips for finding perfect running shoes this springFinding the right running shoe is just as important as a carefully researched fitness plan to help meet your goals. Unfortunately, many people are familiar with the pain and regret that comes from choosing the wrong pair of shoes for your activity of choice. This can especially true when it comes to an active pastime like running.

Correct shoe fit quote

Despite the challenges, exercise should be enjoyable, and the right shoes can make sure that it is. The correct shoes will fit like a dream, making you less likely to develop an injury and maintain good form. They’ll also provide ideal support for running, helping you get more out of your workouts. Continue reading

Brands We Love: Dansko

maroon dansko clog with embellishmentsIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of slipping your feet into a pair of Dansko shoes, you don’t need to be told that there’s just something special about this brand. Known for manufacturing some of the most comfortable shoes to be found anywhere in the world, Dansko can definitely be said to have taken the world by storm over the course of the last two decades.

It also goes almost without saying that behind every great brand famous for producing quality products people love, there’s an equally great story, and Dansko is certainly no exception. Here we’ll take a close look at this incredible company and introduce you to just a few of the many reasons Dansko will forever be a brand we love.  Continue reading

A Gentleman’s Guide to Upgrading Spring Dress Shoes

Man's black dress shoeSmart men know that first impressions matter all the time. They also understand that when it comes to professional situations and special events, they’re extra important. Naturally, the right look is essential, but such looks don’t start and stop at well-tailored suits, although they certainly don’t hurt.

Your choice in dress shoes is important, too. Think of your shoes as the foundation of a truly polished look. You can rarely go wrong with classics like wingtips or loafers, but it’s equally important not to look dated or out of touch. Here, we’ll go over some of this season’s most interesting offerings when it comes to dress shoes for men. Which ones have your attention? Continue reading

Our Favorite Winter Jackets to Keep You Warm and Stylish


Choosing the right winter jacket for you can be challenging, especially if you live somewhere that sees very cold temperatures this time of year. Your choice needs to be capable of keeping you warm and snug no matter what the weather may bring on a given day. It needs to be comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. Of course, it’s got to be perfectly in step with the latest fashions, as well.

Thankfully, this year’s crop of winter outerwear covers all the bases. They aren’t just practical and reliable when it comes to staying warm. They’re great-looking additions to absolutely any wardrobe, to boot. The following are just a few of the trends that have us super excited this season.

Ultra-Cheerful Colors

Although neutral staples like black, white, gray, or brown will never be out of fashion, there’s really something to be said for bright colors. This is especially the case during the bleakest months of winter when all of us could really use a little extra dose of cheer.

That’s exactly why we were so happy to see this season’s hot colors are happy, sunny shades capable of brightening even the coldest winter day. Look for options like canary yellow, orange sherbet, bubblegum pink, and robin’s egg blue. For instance, we’re loving this orange Anorak jacket from Ciao Milano.

Form-Fitting Fleece Outerwear

These days, sportswear and active wear aren’t just for the gym or the jogging trail. As more and more busy people embrace the benefits and joys associated with an active lifestyle, the demand for versatile clothing continues to rise. This is just as much the case with outerwear as it is any other type of attire.

Look for comfy, cozy options like zip-up fleece jackets in pretty, springy shades like fuchsia, purple, and lime. Streamlined, close-fitting designs make it easy to move around during a variety of activities, from jogging, to walking, to shopping. Wear your fleeces on their own or incorporate them into a layered look for a change of pace.


Cinched Waists

Once upon a time, staying warm and protected from the elements meant bundling up in a shapeless parka that made you look more like a marshmallow than a style-conscious woman. We’re happy to report that this is no longer the case.

This winter’s hottest outerwear looks aren’t just cozy and practical. They’re also designed to accentuate your natural shape by emphasizing your waist. Look for belted, cinched versions of everything from woolen overcoats, to thermal wear, to stylish bombers like this zip-front option from She + Sky.

Quilted Thermal Wear

In the dead of winter, some climates really do require jackets that pack some serious protection when it comes to insulation. However, even the chilliest regions won’t see people sporting that trademark Michelin man look every style-conscious person has come to dread.

Look for high-performance thermal jackets that rely on ultra-light, attractive quilting to keep you warm, dry, and protected this winter. Sleek, form-fitting designs help you look your best no matter how low the temperatures may dip this time of year. Cutting edge technology provides lightweight, satisfying warmth that won’t weigh you down or leave you feeling bulky.


Ski Jackets

This season, top fashion designers like Balenciaga turned ski jackets into stylish, fashion-forward items that work well with everything from professional work wear to your favorite weekend ensemble. Expect to see them everywhere and on everyone as the chill of winter continues to set in.

Look for features like high collars that not only look great but protect your neck and throat from harsh winter winds. Front-zip closures, cinch-friendly corded waists, and seam-sealed construction ensure that this season’s ski jackets are as attractive and easy to wear as they are practical.

Leather Jackets

Last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite outerwear staple is very much in vogue every winter, and with good reason. Even lightweight leather jackets can provide ample protection against biting winds and bitter cold. However, they do so while looking stylish, edgy, and chic – very important to every fashionista!

Look for close-fitting styles in timeless neutrals like black, cocoa, and camel. Embellishments like studs, leather folds, buckles, and decorative straps are also very much in fashion right now, making it easy to take this look and make it your very own. Try it today!